अंजू महेंद्रू

by Editor K
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The first part, अंजू महेंद्रू is my personal interpretation of the 3D term. It is referring to the ‘self’ and ‘me’.

When I say “me”, I mean the people and things in my life that have not yet influenced my decision making. In this case it includes my parents’ decisions, my job, and the people who are influential in my day to day life.

The second part of the 3D-term refers to the “self” of the person or thing that is being expressed. For example, in the above sentence the word “self” can also refer to my parents.

The third part of the 3D-term refers to who I am. It can refer to how I approach my life and what I find interesting. It could refer to the things in my life that are not important to me. For example, in a previous sentence the word self can refer to the people who influence my day to day life.

The word self is often used as a synonym for ego. However we have to be careful of that, because ego (or self) is usually a person who is trying to have a good life, and a good life is not necessarily about them.

If we’re going to use the word self, we should be careful of the meaning of the word. Self-awareness is not about having a good life, it’s about having a good life. Our ego is about making sure we have a good life, and a good life is not necessarily about us. The word self gives us a sense of how much we know about ourselves, but it is not necessarily about us.

In reality, a person’s ego is about a large number of thoughts and feelings we have. The ego is a way to explain this. The ego is a person who is aware of their thoughts and feelings, but not about having good lives. For example, if I was to say the word’self’, I would probably look at you and say, ‘Yes, that’s right, yes, I know you are a self, but in truth, I don’t know you any better.

The word self is something we use when referring to the person who is self-sufficient. The word self is a common word for a good person. What makes the word self? It’s not something you can use to describe us as an individual. It’s a way to describe ourselves.

Self is the word that most people use when referring to themselves. For example, when I say that I am a self I am referring to myself as a person. So the self is the same as the person.

The self is the most important part of us. It’s what keeps us alive. When you are trying to be independent, you don’t have much time to think about yourself. You have to know yourself to be able to be truly independent. You do not have the luxury of thinking about what type of self you are. You’re always just trying to be better than you are, so you can achieve your goals.

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