11 Tips to Make Your Romance Tail Wag: How To Train a Fearful, Insecure or Aggressive Dog

by Coinneach Devin
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Are you tired of your dog being a grumpy, aggressive or fearful pup? If so, then this article is for you! We will explore eleven steps that can help make your canine wag their tail.

– Step one:

Create a positive reinforcement training program. This means rewarding them with treats and praise when they do something good instead of punishing them with scolding or time outs.

– Step two:

Teach the dog how to “leave it.” When they find an object on the ground and start nosing at it, tell them to leave it by using a command like “leave” or “drop.” These words can be used as commands throughout the house too if they get into trouble while playing outside!

– Step three:

Use the dog’s name often. When they are doing something good, like sitting or laying down when you tell them to, use their name and praise them! They will learn that great things happen if they listen to what we say.

– Step four:

Teach your pup how to “shake.” Hold out a paw and shake it for five seconds while praising him/her until he/she shakes too. This can be used as an exercise since some dogs don’t get enough aerobic activity on a daily basis which can lead to health issues later in life.

– Step five:

Praise little accomplishments throughout the day (i.e., going potty outside). That way your canine won’t feel discouraged when he/she can’t make it outside in time.

– Step six:

When your dog is around, be sure to greet him or her when you come home from work or anywhere else that they might have been left alone for a long period of time. This makes them feel loved and wanted! They will realize that the best place to always be is with their humans.

– Step seven:

Ignore occasional bad behaviors like chewing on furniture or jumping up because these are normal canine instincts. It’s important to be kind and patient.

– Step eight:

Make sure that your dog has his/her own bed, water dish, toys and food bowl in a place where it can eat comfortably without being disturbed by other pets or humans.

– Steps nine:

Take your pup outside regularly during the day even if he/she doesn’t go potty because this will help them stay healthy as well as make you feel happy when you see their tail wagging!

– Step ten:

Make sure that they are getting enough exercise. This is often the owner’s bedroom so they are close by at night time.

– Steps eleven:

When it’s time for bed, put them in their dog crate or on the ground where they sleep.  Dogs usually like to have some quiet time before going to bed so as long as you can monitor him/her without getting up from your spot.

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