14 Reasons Ugly Names Is the End of the World as We Know It

by Radhe Gupta
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Names like ‘Katherine’, ‘Samantha’ and other names that sound fine are hard to remember You’re not going to get help with your homework, or anything else from anyone because you have such an ugly name. The whole world is more likely to notice something wrong about a person who has an ugly name rather than someone with a pretty one. This will make it difficult for the individual in question as they won’t even be able to wear their own clothes properly without feeling self conscious if they don’t feel confident enough then probably no one else is either. They’ll also need some time alone but since people always ask “what’s your name?” this just isn’t feasible anymore!

Which means they’ll need to find a place where no one will see them.

It’s going to be difficult for the individual in question to get into their desired college, or any other school of higher education because they have such an ugly name! They’re not even likely to go out on dates with someone who is at least as good looking as they are if we can’t blame it on something else like religion and there won’t be anyone left by high school unless they change schools but that would screw everything up too much so what do they do from now? Where could they live without being judged for having such an ugly name? What career choices should this person make when it seems like every single option has been taken away from them already and they’ll have to change their name which would be like changing everything?

In the future, people will need to take a look at what they’re naming their kids and think about how it might affect them in the real world later on. With social media taking over our lives more each day, we know that there are thousands of photos out there somewhere with ugly names attached to them. Who’s going to want someone who has an ugly name photographed beside them? When you see something really embarrassing or shocking happen, do you remember the person by looking for any identifying information such as hair color or eye color before anything else-or is it just by their ugly name? The answer is no; because even if they aren’t recognizable from one photo, their ugly name will be. People with ugly names have a hard life ahead of them, and as someone who has been saddled with an embarrassing name for the entirety of my life, I can attest to this fact without hesitation. Here are 14 reasons that having an ugly name is going to ruin your life: It’s harder than you think to find clothes or jewelry in stores when they’re given something terrible like “Trash,” which was my first school nickname because no one could pronounce it correctly. *When people meet me online, if I’m not wearing my real last name on social media profiles then there’s no way they’ll know what it is unless I tell them-which means that more often than not

Ugly names have been a part of the human experience for millennia.

In fact, ugly name are so much a part of our world that they can be found in many different countries and cultures. The idea is simple enough: an embarrassing or otherwise unattractive word or phrase stands out from other words (or phrases). It’s meant to draw attention to itself through shock value; maybe it sounds funny, too.

But there are consequences if you’re saddled with one of these unfortunate monikers–namely humiliation at best and social ostracization at worst! That’s why we’ve compiled this list featuring 14 reasons ugly names will ruin your life..so you know what potential pitfalls lie ahead. You may be thinking, “That’s not fair!” But that is how the world works. Live with it! If you are looking for a way to express your creativity and uniqueness through an uncommon name, then this article may not be for you. It’s no secret: ugly names can cause severe embarrassment all throughout life, from showing up on classroom rosters in elementary school to submitting resumes in middle age. There are even studies which show that people who have unattractive initials like KK or CC make less money than those with A or J (and we’re not talking about their bank accounts). Yikes! A few more reasons why ugly names will ruin your life include

Reason 14: The “Ugly Name” Syndrome

I know what you’re thinking, and no. This is not a major medical condition like Ebola or the Zika virus. This is something that every single human being deals with on some level or another – especially if your name happens to be Ricky Bobby Jr., Terry Bobo Jr. or (gasp!) Tracy Thompson IIrd! And as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, this syndrome causes its sufferers to become hypersensitive to their own names because there’s just so much ridicule involved in having an ugly-sounding one. Why? Well for starters, people will think it’s funny when they introduce themselves and say things like “Hi my name is Tracey!” or “I’m Terry, nice to meet you!” And the more they catch themselves doing this and thinking about it – the worse off they are.

Reason 13: Ugly Names Make It Difficult To Find A Job

This is probably one of my favorite reasons out there because I like seeing people get frustrated with their jobs so much that a few weeks later they give up on them. You might be wondering what in the world does an ugly name have to do with being able to find work? Well for starters, if your first name happens to be something really embarrassing like Elmer or Bubba (which in case you’re not aware also happen to be some popular dog names) then you should consider changing your professional email address to your middle name or nickname so at least you’ll have a chance of making it past the first round.

Reason 14: Ugly Names Make You Look Like A Jerk

Ending with this one mainly just because I’m feeling spiteful today, but also because there’s no way that anyone who has an ugly name could get through life without someone labeling them as such. It doesn’t matter what kind of person they are either- if their first name is something like Ava Mophead then people are going to see them and immediately be put off by any interaction with them on some level. So yeah, yay for ugly names! They’re certainly doing wonders in terms of ruining lives..for both kids and adults. Reason #13: Ugly Names Make You A Target for Bullies Bullying is a huge issue and it doesn’t take much to be the victim of it these days, but if you have an ugly name then your chances of being targeted are pretty high. I’m not sure what kind of bullying was going on when my first grade teacher’s brother had me stand up in front of the classroom and read off all the letters in “Brian,” but that wasn’t something I ever wanted to revisit again, which tells you just how effective bullies can be at making someone feel like they’re completely worthless. So yeah- crappy names=more people who get bullied equals more feelings that life sucks = so happy!

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