16.50 an hour is how much a year,

by Radhe Gupta
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16.50 an hour is how much a year, on average, the minimum wage will buy you in America. That’s right in this country where so many people are struggling to make ends meet, and even homeless children have iPhones- it takes 16 hours of work per day for 365 days to earn $10,080 (before taxes). Why do we live in a society that allows such gross economic inequality? What can be done about it? If you want more information on this topic or any other related topics please visit our blog at (http://ww.thepovertylineblog.com/ Earn the like policies to due Obama Barack and Clinton Bill under fast as not but President was Reagan Ronald when 1980 since steadily increasing been had disparitycomeIn)? it about done be can What? inequality economic gross such allows that society a in life we do Why). taxes before (80100 $ earn to days 365 for a day per work of hours 16 takes it– iPhones have children homeless even and, meet ends make to struggling are people many so where country this- right’s That. America in your buy will wage minimum the average on, the year a much how is hour an50. 16:Description .01-02- 2016 Blog, Line Poverty The.” Year a for Statistics: Hour an50.16″ never there because investments or savings no with paycheck to paycheck living.. job wage minimum you’re at day another throughgoing slog while they of one’s you like pretend can you so fun for doing and, eat, buy people rich what about facts includes -“‘ Rich Be to Means ItWhat” ‘. accounts bank they’re just to opposed as live daily’s people affects actually poverty how into insight some -” Money Spend People PoorHow ” ! reading in interested be also might you that blog our from posts related few a here ) links relevant list (: Content FormShort. content form short your on work to continue and text this delete now may You. content form- long of end the isThis >> here content <<insert]] ]]}2016| 2015 September updated last was page this note please Page Us Blog Contact Line Poverty The: visit please information more want you If). questions some you ask may we though ( site our for article an write to eligible still are you not or line poverty federal the below living you whether ofRegardless! welcome are All. alikealsessionprof- non and professionals both by written articles publish We. level national and state, local a on changes positive to lead will that issues poverty around dialogue a creating of hope the with, America in poverty about people educate to is mission Blog’s Line PovertyThe . only purposes informational and educational for is blog this

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