1776 will commence again,

by Radhe Gupta
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In the year of 1776, America was born. The American Revolution has been going on for a long time now, and we are about to have it commence again in 2020. For those who don’t know what this is referring to, from April 18th until May 5th, 2020, there will be an election for President of the United States. After that election happens and one candidate is elected president, he or she will become the leader of our country and they’ll be tasked with making sure that our nation remains strong as well as prosperous during their term! citizens as us about care really does who someone with up and don we so up come election this when responsibly vote people that important’s It. office in while it for making the decisions what on based nation our break or make either can person This! the term they’re during prosperous and strong remains America that sure making with tasked be’ll they then and country our of leader the as elected been have will They. power into president new a bring is, 2020 in, do to going is Revolution American theWhat bullet insert to able were you if helpful be would -! publishing before content more some needs post a blog this-. the sentence preceding the liked capital be should” to refers this what know’t don who thoseFor ” sentence! needed when change for avenues provide as well as a country our within reform continuous for allow will it that is) one is there if depending ( so or years four every election a having with hope The. far thus lifespan short its in through been has nation our what see and the world the of parts other from the site this visit may who those also but America of citizens as us for only not reminder a is This. on continues Revolution American the that remember to important’s it, 2020 await was! term their during prosperous as well as strong remains country our sure make to have they and president become will candidate one, done is an election the After. 2020 of May until 18 April from the held election a be will there 2020 in, means this what know not to do who those For. over start we that year the be will 2020 and now time long a for ongoing been has it, right Quite? again commence to going is Revolution American

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