1776 will commence again,

In 1776, the United States of America was founded as a result of the American Revolution. However, in 2016 we are living in an era that is full of turmoil and uncertainty. The American people have become dissatisfied with their government and are looking for a change. In this blog post, I will examine how Americans can take control by starting to push back against their current system and start making changes from within. disability, race of regardless fully oneself lovingly outward to leads which internally themselves changing start first must one happen changes these make to orderIn coverage healthcare universal establishing and opportunities education providing by on head poverty tackling, change climate like issues important on awareness spreading through change about bringing for tool another as media social cite also They. all at nothing do worse even or wants party their what with along go who those than rather system current the challenge who politicians for voting from come will that change real want they- enough not is this believe people many, However. Matter Lives Black and Street Wall Occupy as such protests to led has it and government our with dissatisfied become have We. uncertainty great of time a in living are we, before stated IAs me for time’s it Now }!” below down them comment please, topic this to related blogs good other of knows anyoneIf “__ ! these like updates more want you if subscribe you that sure make and content my reading for much so you Thank. today America in happening is what on thoughts your hear to love would I! below comments or thoughts any leave Please! themselves with starting by system current their against back push can Americans how and againencing comm76 17 about post blog this enjoyed have you hopeI AdamsJohn- . come to generations for be will country our off better the, started get we sooner The. within from changes making start to need people American the when time a in living areWe were they what knew fathers founding our If).terms mid peskythose (th 20 January on noon at again in sworn gets Congress when 2020 until heard be’t won still voice your, Democrats or Republicans; years four every for vote you who matter’t doesn it because politics aboutathetic ap being stop to be would step firstThe . within from changes making start and system current their against back push to starting by control take can Americans how examine will I, post blog this In. change a for looking are and government their with dissatisfied become have people American The. uncertainty and turmoil of full is that era an in living are we 2016 in, However. Revolution American the of result a as founded was America of States United the,76 17In

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