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In 1893, during the World’s Fair in Chicago, a novelty company called Thomas F. Duffy and Sons released an unknown number of these little books filled with puzzles and games. As part of one game, you could find your favorite character from the fair on this page.. but where is he? eventually books The. too them through searching enjoy would kids so did adults than things certain locating time easier an have to children wanted He. images these of all illustrated whoford Hand Martin artistnative- England after”o Wald’sWhere ” as known became book little this, fair the at games popular most the of one being to addition In). below videosee ( placed were characters hiddenly clever how of because it saw first they when people some for difficult quite actually was puzzle findingThis ! sight plain in be always not may he, careful be but – pencil your with outline his circling by hiding iso Wald where find to supposed are You. page the on lay and out cut could you that board game a with came book originalThe electricity current alternating by driven Motoruction Ind AC his showed Tesla Nikola where Buildings Exhibit Electricity”); City WhiteThe “aka (antaurRest/ Store General Company And Jackson. W George; Halls Exhibit Transportation; Arts Fine of Palace; Building’urers Manufact; Hall Agricultural; Building’s Woman The: buildings main six had andth 30 October on closed It! people million 27 over attendance an with Chicago in opened Fair’s World the, 1893 In? Know YouDid . fortunate very yourself consider, collection own your among book this find to enough lucky’re you If. itemso Waldafter- sought most the of one is and) there got it how know not do we,no ( books old of box a in found was bookThis IncaberBar- Hanna by parks amusement as such places at activity’s children a as popular made originally was gameThe ! apart it rip to not careful be but– book this inside hidden that like characters other for looking try also can You! corner right bottom the in, 11 page On? they are where.. games and puzzles with filled books little these of number unknown an released Sons and Duffy. F Thomas called company novelty a, Chicago in Fair’s World the during, 1893In isherF. E andberauD.M. H by” Well A Of Center The To JourneyA ” fromo Wald is character The. corner right bottom the in, 11 page on: answer the find toWhere

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