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For many, the minimum wage is a far-off dream. But if you work full time and live in New York City, that’s not the case. In an article by Forbes, it is shown that if “you are working 40 hours per week at $19.50 an hour,” then you will make about $39K annually before taxes! And as of 2018, this amount has increased to $42K after taxes! This means that people who are making less than 19.50 per hour should be looking for other employment opportunities because they could be earning much more elsewhere! Jobs Destroy Will Economy Belt Rust The Andikes H Wage Minimum -besFor ” * . 2017th 24 July on rates wage minimum federal raise to legislation introducing upon Connecticut of)D (roau DeL Rosawoman Congress says,” crisis national a becoming wages low in results that scenario this precisely’s It. today Americans many among story common a is poverty in living still buttime- fullWorking“ .” badly tooing far not is, taxes after annuallyK42 $ about or, hour an50.19 $ at week per hours 40 works who resident City York NewA” : article fromscerptEx ! deserve you money the making start and Uber with up Sign? for waiting you are whatSo * Below Content Protect Password *.* account your with WordPress into logged when seen be only can below content The:Note* ! elsewhere more much earning be could they because opportunities employment other for looking be should50. 19 than less making are who people means This! taxes afterK42 $ to increased has amount this 2018 of as And! taxes before annuallyK39 $ about make will you then,” hour an50.19 $ at week per hours 40 working are youif ” that shown was it Forbes by article anIn . case the not’s that, City York New in live and time full work you if and, year a much how is hour an50.19 what matter no – rate hourly this at hourstime- full working annually makes someone much how IS50.19 ! costs housing and food as such necessities basic afford to able being still while water above heads their keep to order in changes make to need living of standards current the under earning are who people but, better something find they until up give is do should anyone thing lastThe ! organizations and businesses larger for hour per90.17 $ to up employees ten than less with jobs for hour per00.11 $ from ranges that systemtier- three a on set is City York New in wage minimum the because yet just job your quit to time be not might it, hour an50. 19 than more making’re you ifBut

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