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If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you know about the minimum wage. You may not know how much exactly, but you have a general idea of what it is and how it affects your life. This blog post will talk about the economic effects of increasing the federal minimum wage from 7.25 to 8.00 an hour in regards to income distribution and poverty rates in America as well as provide a few examples of people who work for 7-8 dollars an hour (and why). partsome burdens more any adding without already enough difficult is it because day to day from by getting just are or much as working be not might who those versus by get to manage somehow and hard work who those between gap inequality income growing this up break help can wage minimum higherA . home at present workertime- full a had they when line poverty official the below living were children with households American of quarter one, fact In. expensess’ life of all cover quite’t don that jobs have but, poverty in live who people are These. own their on shelter and food like necessities basic for pay to struggling literally Americansincome- lower’s That. hour an15 $ than less make workers of% 58, States United theIn wages to changes any without) million900 ($ combined programs government our from benefits other and stamps food for qualified they little so workers its paying while year last profit in billion17 $ made company The: example an as Walmart Take. rates pay comparable at job another finding or company their within up moving by either – elsewhere employment new find likely will They.. jobs their lose do who those for As. unemployment total in%)04 (. percent one of half one than less’s That). below linksee ( economists with interviews and studies recent on based00,200- 0 about is number realistic more a believe We? lost be realistically could jobs many how But. losses job to lead would it that is wage minimum the raising against arguments common most the ofOne

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