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What exactly is stock? Stock refers to the shares of a company owned by shareholders. A share is a unit of ownership in a corporation and, when you invest in stocks, you are buying shares from the company that you believe will give your portfolio the best return. The goal of investing with stocks is to make money on your investments by either selling them at higher prices or collecting dividends (share distributions) as payment for owning them. it give not why then, you for works that something is level risk this if However. investments their losing shareholders in result will which bankruptcy declare to need companies some because though risks with come does stocks withingInvest ! invested you what than more times ten made it means That%. 100 is)IRO ( investment original your on return your then, investing of months six after00,100 $ for share your sold you If. them owning from dividends collecting or price higher a at stake your selling either by money make could You. business the in ownership ofentht- one represent would shares the and00,50 $ be might investment The.chard or apple an owns that company a in invest you says’ letSo :Numbers .” long going with like growth earnings for waiting of instead value in decline their of off profit making thereby – them for paid one what than prices higher at them selling by money make to is here goal The”.ingshort ” considered is corporation public a to opposed as individual an from shares buying Conversely. invested you what of all or some lost have may you then), worse evenor ( not If. gains capital through money made have would you, increased has stocks those of value the and correct proved appraisal your if, morning upcoming that On.” longgoing “ called is it, exchange stock the on listed be will they when trading market of close’s day next the before, company a in shares buy youWhen give would It),50 $ = 100 x50.0 ($ dollars fifty equals which share per) cents 50.,e.i ( profit its half or% 50 to equal distribution dividend a pays it when 2020th 28 March On. each50 $ of cost initial an for 2019th 15 January onorporated IncZ XY Company of shares 100 bought you say’s let, instance For. time that at them sell necessarily’t don they though even investment their from income this receive shareholders, profits its to addition in company the by distributed are shares when – dividends with applies principle same The. much as twice worth is investment your then,200 $ to increases share per price the and100 $ for company a of share one buy you if, exampleFor

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