2.0mol of gas are at 30∘c and a pressure of 1.5atm.,

by Radhe Gupta
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In chemistry, it is important to know the volume and density of gases. It can be difficult to calculate these values if you’ve never done it before. However, with a little bit of math, you will be able to do this calculation on your own! In order for gas molecules in an area at pressure P and temperature T to have a uniform distribution throughout that area, the number of molecules must equal N = RT/P where R is the universal gas constant (R=8.3145 J/(mol·K) ) and T is the absolute temperature in Kelvin. With 2 mol of gas at 30∘C and 1.5atm., we can find our volume V by multiplying)]edubc-)(cm/(g [ensityD ).edubc(-^cm 97 or,³)sub(^ m06149700. 0)=C∘273+C∘30T/(]K·mol[)/³)sub(^ m2107.0 ( 02. 0 =]³)sub(^m [Volume ! below shown are values resulting .ers lit in volume represents V and mole per kilograms in weight molecular represents M whereV/M= D: formula a through ρ density our find then we. provided chart the on found is that) meters cubic in ( V volume the by N molecules of number the to need you because gases forties dens and volumes calculating tricky be can it that remember to importants’It! gas of grams 18 about contains liter each means This.liter/g 18 liters/kg018. 0 equals D that get we equations the into plugged values these With).oleum/erslit (ers lit in Volume for value calculated our being V with),)(P/( R to equal is which, respectively, volume unit per molecules of number the are M and N where)V()/M)(N=(D: equation this using calculated is D densityThe L 200 =ityolarm/L 100 xmol02.0=V. volume the bicycles m of number the C ∘m at −G K – cm -mol∙g  : instead coefficient numerical a has it that so equation this rewrite to going are we, ers lit or kilograms than grams with work to easier’s since ). L−mat-mol∙ g get to multiplied be will parentheses in value the then, mole an of measuring your as unit mass atomic a have you if that find canWe 16.0-^T))+273T/(()R/P ( )V/N=(D T: and R for equation our of sides both dividing by calculated is D density L02. 0= V or, volume the wholes m of number the

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