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by Radhe Gupta
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In a town in the countryside, there lived three friends. One was a mathematician, one was a dog, and one was a rabbit. They all loved playing games together on their days off from work. But as they grew older, they began to play less often because of their busy lives. The mathematician became an accountant, the dog started training for police work at the local academy and the rabbit went into politics. But every now and then on their days off they would get together again to play some old favorites like tic-tac-toe or cards with suits of clubs and diamonds (though sometimes they could only remember what deck each other liked). One day when it had been raining heavily for many days straight without a catch to together town into went they off So!” game another playlet ” mathematician the said,” then onCome” ! himself with the-act-ic t or cards playing here out sitting been have must He: happened had what now doubt no was There. the water of pets dro six by surrounded it on print rabbit a with mat old a sat there where town towards back them led which ground the on footprints wet some were found be could that all but him for looking around walked they as again heavily down came rains. seen be to nowhere was he, house his at arrived they when But. river the bevel ho small an in-residence up taken had who friend their visit go to the decided dog and mathematician the, break a realized they until suggestion this by confused looked animals both .” paper on..toe-act-ic t try’sLet “, misunderstood best would he that so slowly words his saying finally before blanking them at stared mathematicians. other each with games playing – days this event rare a become had what for together table the at down sat all they as unison in eagerly dog the and rabbit the both Asked?” it isWhat”. thought of worth two or minute an after mathematician the exclaimed!” idea an haveI “. mind to came nothing but weather the of because the part they’re on movement much too require didn that play could they something of think to tried dog The. bored and restless especially feeling were friends three the, stopping

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