2. where is the dna housed in a prokaryotic cell? where is it housed in a eukaryotic cell?,

DNA is the genetic material that makes up chromosomes in a cell. The DNA molecule consists of two strands coiled around each other to form a double helix; these are known as deoxyribonucleic acid molecules (abbreviation: DNA). In prokaryotes, which lack membrane-bound organelles such as mitochondria or a nucleus, the DNA is found in the nucleoid region of the cytoplasm. In eukaryotes, which contain these organelles and therefore have more complex cellular structures, the DNA is contained within nuclear compartments called chromosomes. ? Function Cellaintain M Helpinste Pro do How – TwoingHead * ** ._ occur to mutations cause can which radiation UV including chemicals harsh and temperature like forces outside from DNA protecting segments these of functionThe__ : exampleFor . chemicals harmful or changes temperature as such forces external by damage from DNA the protect sections These. chromosomes calledartments comp nuclear containing, structures cellular complex more are – nucleus a andria mitochond as suchesell organbound- membrane contain that cells -otesaryuk e In.asmltop cy the of regionoid nucle the in found is DNA the, celloticaryk pro aIn genetic to comes it when vary they how understand to important’s it, present cells of types two are there where, context this In. molecules DNA floating free to attachedomesos rib on relying simply by possible those than functions cellular complex more for allows This. nucleus the called compartment nuclear a within),oneshist ( proteins associated their and chromosomes containingatin chrom called matter organic an has cellotearyuk e A.ria mitochond as suchartments compoundedb- membrane internal other or nucleus a with structures for except components cellular all houses which,asmltop cy the of regionoid nucle the in found is molecule DNA The.esell organbound- membrane contain not does that organismllularice un of type a is celloticaryk proA iled co are strandsical hel double The. cells daughter two into divides cell the when another one with up mix to them for chance any’t isn there so chromosome each around located are membranes These . regulation require which structures cellular complex andelle organ boundaned membr these of presence the to due chromosomes calledartments comp nuclear within DNA containtesoyaruk E- .otesaryuk e of that like chromosomes calledartments comp nuclear by regulated be to have not does structure cellularoticaryk pro their and, cellsoticaryuk e in found nucleus orria mitochond as suchesell organbound- membrane lack they because is This.oid nucle as knownasmltop cy the of region a in DNA containotesaryk Pro-

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