20 things we should say more often,

People don’t always say what they really mean. And people often think that they are saying things when in reality, they aren’t. Sometimes it’s because of the culture we live in, sometimes it’s because of how we were raised, and other times it’s just a matter of habit or convenience. There are many words and phrases that should be said more often–especially by those who love each other. make’t won else someone wanting; come’ll they mean’t doesn child aantingw– necessary it make’t doesn somethinging Want..” onlyIf “..” ifWhat “.” go’t donPlease “.” youThank “: often more said be should that phrases 20 areHere ! day your about hear to is now right good be would what knowyou– together dinner eat we while talk can we so phones our downput/ TV the off turn’s Let? help I can How? need you do What). life inor ( school or work at well going not or tough are things when even, amazing and beautiful’re You. today me with patient being for you Thank. me forgive Please. sorry’m I. you loveI Don! things nice doing keep to want them makes but us for good feels only not efforts their appreciate we much how know someone letting And. appreciated and loved feel them helps it), kids our of front in’s it if fouror ( words little three these says someone When. kiss a or hug a with coupled when powerful more even’re theyand– important so is words simple those Saying.” sorry’mI ” and” youthank ” are say actually’t don people phrases common most the of some that surprise a as come may It. you loveI Often More Say Should We Things 20 -? going day your’s How?, help to do I can What, You Thank, you love I: often more say should we things20 This. themselves it realizing even without sometimes statements of types these by triggered get attacks panic with people but innocuous seem may It. etc”, head your in all’sIt “,” therapy more needYou ” as such attack anxiety an trigger could that anything say not Do? relationship the in met being needs emotional and health mental your are How? tomorrow or tonight on later talked we if better it would or, talk to time good a this Is? now right you comfort or support help to do I can What? OK you Are? friends be we Can! awesome’re You. much so youThank./ today me for therebeing/ me about caring for you Thank. you love I. sorry’mI : Often More Say Should We Things20

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