20 things you should never say to a brony,

by Radhe Gupta
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Bronies are one of the most misunderstood groups in society. They’re often seen as weirdos or people who watch a show just because it’s girly and they have no other options. But bronies are actually some of the nicest, coolest people out there! We’ve compiled 20 things you should never say to a brony: 1) “You’re doing this for attention.” 2) “Why can’t you find a girlfriend?” 3) “You need to get over your sister/brother’s death.” thoseTo! place better a world this makes to want we if age early an at learning all should we things empathy and friendship on lessons valuable many some teach helped hasP ML, that all of top On. them from judgement any been never are there and family my become have here people The! made ever’ve I decisions best the of one been has community this of part a being: something you tell me to let But. through going you what understands who someone finds to hard be can it sometimes, lie to going not I.ies nurses in other some for compensation a is Pony Little My for love their that or, attention for this doing’re they that ceremonies be about misconceptions common most the ofSome They. society in groups misunderstood most the of one areiesBron ^ ^! Enjoy :). time reading/ discussion you’re in involved parties both for clear becomes this that so”only be a to say never should you things20 ” description our in off left we where below reading continue and page of top the to back go, section this read’ve you Once. important’s it why and about is content from- long the what understand better you help will content from- short this. topic the on information more provide to here included be can content from-Short! numbers or points bullet not, form paragraph with post blog standard a is This: ContentAdditional .etc anyone if So! most needed when reality from escape an and entertainment provide shows with these, anything If. hobbies animes past our have all we – show other any or Pony Little My watching with wrong nothing is There. the life they’re in difficulties experiencing’s who someone to say should people that things many the of some just are These.” death brother/ sister you’re over get to need you “- ?” girlfriend a find you’t canWhy “- .” attention for this doing’reYou “-:y Bron A To Say Never Should You Things20 !ful hurt really be could it because say you what with careful Be.ony be a to say never should you that things few a just these

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