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The Maverick is the only vehicle in its class with a fully independent rear suspension, and it’s ready to take on any terrain you may find. The off-road prowess of this ATV is unmatched by anything else in the industry, making it an ideal choice for those who venture out on trails less traveled. Check out some of these features: * Supercharged liquid cooled Rotax 100cc engine * Electronic Power Steering (EPS) * Independent rear suspensionhips dealers cars used new prices wholesale accessories parts engine car rc vehicleing Tour Adventure Ride Wild ATVs, Mavericks am can2013   icksaver m am can 2013,ickaver m am can 2013icav M Am Can:wordsKey ! you for waiting’re They. today Dealer ATV or motorcycle local your Visit! dealer your from it buy you when997 $ just of tag price affordable an at comes also it but, terrain rough conquer to looking someone for choice great a only not isick MaverThe . rear the iniper calistonp- single; front upipers cal piston dual with brakes disc rear and front: including, systemking Bra* tires55 kenda K* ick Maver The. terrainableass imp to due use their in limited be may vehicles drive wheel two standard where conditionsroad off tough those for system brakinglock- anti an offers ATV this, addition In. hill the down backwards rolling of risk or momentum of loss without speeds slow at hills steep descend to you allows that Function Controlcent Des Hill a has also model This. simultaneously applied are brakes both when created is surfaceipsl- non A. brake foot operating of strain reduces which, wheels front the on brake parking including; brakes disc hydraulic wheel Four* braking engine and management traction with control throttle Electronic* )ISCA ( control speed idle Auto* steering Power* suspension rearlink- Pro* trails on out venture who those for choice ideal an it making, industry the in else anything by unmatched is ATV this of prowessroad- off The. find may you terrain any on take to ready’s it so, suspension rear independent fully a with class its in vehicle only the isick MaverThe ” .”55-55- 55: at information more for us call or, today in Stop! miss to want’t don you ride one is This. visibility of degree 360 rider a gives that system camera front integrated an plus, trail the on safety added for system camera view Rear* reverse with transmission Automatic* brakes disc hydraulic rear and Front* )ISE ( Systemition Ign Electronic* )SIR (

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