21.50 an hour is how much a year,

by Radhe Gupta
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What is the worth of human life? What price should we put on an individual’s existence in this world, and what does that say about how society values their time spent living. These are questions that have been asked since the dawn of civilization, but there is no definitive answer. We can only speculate on what the right number might be. One thing we do know for sure is that people don’t live forever- they only live once. That being said, if you were to ask me my opinion on your question I would say $21.50 an hour because it seems like a fair trade-off for one day of someone’s life.. time borrowed on ” living for compensation as amount dollar of sort some at guess to society by asked if but the truth this dating appreciate from comesness precious – once live to gets the only personA .. day single every does people most like sleeping hours twelve and working hours six just of instead behalf they’re on done need or want they whatever doing hours 24 spending for off-trade fair a think I what represents which- hour an50.21 $ is answer the then, world mine in time’s else someone of day one for the charge would I much how me asking you If. consider too factors different many so are there because certainty with answered be can that something not’s it and, subjective is life human an of worth. pressure under decisions making into forced and hurried are we when than valuable more moment each makes which mistakes for room leaving still while lives our with want we everything do to timeenough aps mish Orions interrupt any without hours 24 through living somebody of worth the represents it think I because hour per50.21 $ says would I opinion my me ask to were you if said being That. once just for live They. left day one haven’t don people because everyone please might that answer the to as speculate only can We.. contribution, accomplishment, happiness- life in most value they what and ask you who on depending varies individually an of worth The. standard set no is there, life’s person during Val to comes it When: Content FormLong

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