21 dollars an hour is how much a year,

by Radhe Gupta
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A year is 365 days. Each day has 24 hours. So, how much money does a person make in a year if they work for 12 hours per day? How about someone who works 8 hours a day? What about an employee that only gets paid for 40 hours per week (and not all 52 weeks)? The answer varies depending on where in the world you live. In some places, $21 dollars an hour would be enough to make ends meet and provide basic necessities – while other regions need up to $45 or even $50 dollars an hour just to get by. / day per dollars 338 = hours 12 x hour per26 $:Kok Beng )O EUR0017 ($ USD200$ – income monthly average- month per9613 $ = hours 24 / day per342 $ = hours 12 x hour per27 $:vital . well as in life you country what on depending vary which., etc bills electricity, food like necessities basic cover to need also ages W). options cheaper many are there where ( Bangkok in does it than City York New in apartment rent to more costs it, example For. that for the account must wage and, high very be can living of cost the because is This. regions various in by getting to money and time of amount different a takesIt regions all across wage”standard ” no’s there that now know we, mind in information this With. aid international without by get even to money enough market don still who citizens their for wages lowest the of one has Poland, Europe Eastern to comes it when And. the amount that half than less incoming Rica Costa with, America Central to closer and south move you as lower drops wage hourly The. an hour a dollars21 $ around earn employees most, America North In- . from are they were on depending hour per making people much how you show will post blog This -? worth work of hour an that. countries different in on live to need would person average the what at look a takes’Let

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