24 reasons why stefan karl is number 2,

Stefan Karl is number 2. Stefan Karl is a Swedish ice hockey player who has been the captain of the Detroit Red Wings for over a decade now. He was born on December 3, 1985 in Åsele, Sweden and his hometown is Gävle. Karl got married to Tove Lo in 2013 and they have two daughters together named Alva and Lova. His wife also happens to be an award-winning songwriter with her debut album Queen of the Clouds being released in 2014 which went platinum in Sweden that same year. In 2016 she won Best Pop Artist at MTV Europe Music Awards for her work as well as Songwriter of the Year at Billboard Women in Music Awards 2017! He’s won reasons these all For! retirement before least at years six another for playing him keep will which 2019th 16 September on million45 $ worth extension contractyear- 12 a signed Karl! day this until true been has which 2015 in again captain team became he, recovery his after but issues health to due hockey play not would Karl Stefan season 2014 In! year same that duringStar- All an as recognized being like awards personal other many with along assists 45 and goals 14 with defenseman Swedish a by points for records set he 2005In . Draft NHL 2002 the from selection round second their as Wings Red Detroit by 2003 in drafted wasKarl . teams NHL two of captain named be toe Swed only the is and medal Gold Olympic one, Cups Stanley four ! trying even without good looks also Karl Stefan, you for enough coolt’ wasn that all ifAnd ! water the of top on float but anything do to much too him scares it because swimming like’t doesn he enough ironically and, hockey play Wings Red Detroit the watching loves he, pie apple is food favoriteHis . goals 11 with points 27 of total a has and career his in games 600 over .ier Cart fromlinks cuff gold withizedor access tie plus shirt whiteucked unt an and trousers black had groom the whilele tul of out made was that gownige be a wore bride The. Micheleandro Aless designercci Gu by clothes designed custom wearing 2018 July past this married got They! together performing were they as concert tribute Jackson Michael the at stage on her to proposed Karl Stefan 2017 NovemberIn .” patience: example For. things many so me taught hasHe ” Lo Tove said,” friends best my of one isfanSte” . team his for teamswinning- Cup Stanley both of part a been’s he and, points 100 score to history in player youngest the being with along times six Trophy Memorial Norris James the

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