7 Tips to Create the Best Intros for Youtube Channel

by Yash Ranjan
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When a viewer looks at your YouTube video, you have a few seconds to make them decide to watch it further or click away. Creating an attractive thumbnail will get them to click on your video. But it is a powerful intro that can get them hooked.

You don’t have to struggle to create great intros for your videos. By using some highly effective intro maker tool, you can add an appropriate finishing touch to any intro video that you make.

Creating a compelling intro is one of the most critical aspects of good video making. Once you are done with the main part of your video, spend a bit of time creating a good intro. When you finally upload your video, you appreciate the extra time spent.

Tips for Creating the Best Intros

But what are the key elements to make a great YouTube video? Here are 7 tips that will help you make professional-looking intros for your YouTube videos to promote yourself and your brand:

#1 Create a Plan

You need to make your video in line with your video’s theme. If you intend to promote your brand, then you need to include the features that enable that to happen. For that, you need to create a plan and make your intro based on the plan.

The first thing that your intro should address is the challenges faced by the customer. Next, you need to offer a solution to the issues that the customer has. Then, finally, include a Call to Action (CTA), which guides the viewer to proceed further in watching the video.

#2 Ask a Question

If you ask an open-ended question, you give your viewers something to think about. It introduces intrigue that motivates the viewer to be curious about the content of your video.

But you need to choose your question well. If the answer is too obvious, then it might put off your audience, and they will tune into something more interesting. But avoid asking questions that are technical or too complicated because the audience may get bored and distracted.

#3 The USP Factor

If you are trying to promote your brand, an idea, or a concept, you can do so through what we call the “unique selling proposition” (USP). Your viewers are always on the lookout for content that adds value to their viewing experience.

But they are busy and lack the patience to view videos that they are unsure of what is in it for them. Your responsibility while creating your video is to ensure that the video gets watched by the relevant target group. Your USP can achieve this goal.

For example, if you offer some of the best recipes for a particular type of cuisine in your videos, you need to persuade the audience to watch your video in the first five seconds of the intro. Successful delivery of your USP in the intro can convince viewers to watch your video in preference to other videos.

#4 Do Not Avoid Controversy

You can show your ultimate skills as a content creator by handling controversy capably. Controversy is something that attracts people. It is addictive, and if you bring up some controversial issues in your videos, you can engage your audience in a better way.

Prime examples of controversial topics are religion, politics, body weight, and sexual orientation. But you need to be careful not to tread on any toes. Dealing with sensitive topics calls for a diplomatic way of handling things.

However, make sure that you adequately follow up on any controversial topics in your intro to continue with them in the main video.

#5 Use the Right Tools

Once you have the concepts for your intro in place, you need to use appropriate tools to implement them. The ideal intro tool should have the capacity to include your logo, tagline, brand colors, and so on.

You can create a playlist of similar video intros, which you can refer to when you work on your videos.

#6 Spicing it Up

If you have followed the tips that we have mentioned so far, you can now add a few embellishments to your intro. For instance, you can add stickers and special effects. There is a variety of stickers that you can get from the internet.

Another great addition to your intros is to add transitions. You can add a fade in and out to mark the start and end of your video. Or perhaps you can apply a dissolve. Adding banners and text can also enhance your intro quite nicely.

 #7 Don’t Jump Right In

Instead of starting right off, you give your viewers a sneak peek into your video by featuring some of your footage before the intro begins. That way, you can show your viewers what they can expect if you click on your video, even before seeing the intro.

Run the footage for five or ten seconds at the beginning of the video. You don’t even have to have any dialogue – the visual will pique the viewers’ curiosity. Then when you reach the intro, they will be more prepared to listen to what you have to say.


Your intro is the face of your video. It is like the signature tune of a TV serial. If you want to make your videos stand out, you need to make a compelling intro that will communicate the message that reflects the video content accurately.

The best approach is to complete your video and then add the intro after watching your video. Ensure to watch your video several times. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Then, when you make your intro, you can address the audience in the most appropriate manner to motivate them to watch your video.

If you follow these simple tips, you can make your videos more compelling. You will see that these strategies increase the audience of your YouTube videos, and if you are trying to promote your brand, your videos will help you achieve your objective.

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