a 34-year-old male is unconscious in bed. which of the following should be done first?,

When a 34-year-old male is found unconscious in bed, one of the first things to do is assess his level of consciousness. This can be done by gently shaking him and asking if he responds or says anything. If he does not respond at all, it may be best to call 911 and provide life saving intervention such as CPR or use an AED machine for those who are trained to do so. Long:Section .” begins care before assessment during found were symptoms what on depending transport during or scene on while medically done needs more whether assess can responders emergency The. intervention immediate withoutablemount insur seem’t doesn condition his though even 911 call to point this at best be also would It. attention medical needs that him with wrong something be still might there, sleep from awoken being after confused seems or talking trouble has but respond does heIf . so do to how in trained if machineED A an use or CPR as such interventions saving life for 911 call to time be could it and emergency medical a be may this, breathing not are they If. breathing their check to important is it, consciousness of level’s patient the assessingAfter responsive un found’re they after soon happen to need also would function neurological of level their assessing so injury cord spinal a have they that indicate could it, minutes20- 15 than longer unconscious been has someone If?” name your me tell youCan ” like questions asking by) on going’s what understand toability ( status mental his assess to want you case this In. him with communicating difficulty for reason other some or barrier language a be may there, speak cannot but responds heIf . minutes ination oxygen of lack from die can they brain their to delivered bloodated oxygen gett’ doesn person the if and beating be not may heart the because is This. CPR perform to essentials’ it, used is machineED A an Once Next but responsive being of signs show does he when Otherwise). training with thosefor ( machineED A an or) applicableif ( CPR like interventions saving life provide and 911 call to want might one then all at response no’s there If. anything says or responds he if asking and him shaking gently done be can which consciousness of level his assess first should he bed in unconscious found is maleold-year- 34 aWhen . so do to trained are who those for machineED A an use or CPR as such interventionsaving- life for 911 call to best be may it,ly coherent respond or questions these answer to unable is victim the If. are they where and name their know they if ask, something saying by responds patient theIf

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