a 49-year-old male presents with an acute onset of crushing chest pain and diaphoresis. you should:,

by Radhe Gupta
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A cardiac emergency can be frightening, but the right treatment and monitoring can ensure that you are safe. This blog post will provide a detailed explanation of what to do when faced with a heart attack or other medical issue related to your heart. We’ll also discuss signs of shock and first aid tips for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Read on for more information! it or arrives help until CPR continuing while immediately 00 call arrest cardiac sudden of the episode a had have might someone suspect you If.nessheaded light soreness Dizz, heartbeat irregular, breathing difficulty, pain chest as such symptoms experience may arrest cardiac sudden into gone has who person A ? Arrestiac Card isWhat! information more for on Reading).PRC (citation resuscmonaryuliop card for tips aid first and shock of signs discuss also’ll We. heart yours to related issue medical other or attack heart a with faced when doing to what of explanation detailed a provide will post blog This. safe are you that ensure can monitoring and treatment right the but, frightening be can emergency cardiacA Monitoring and Treatment:gencies EmeriacCard itingomv/ nausea include may symptomsThe enzymes cardiac),assiumpot ( levelste electroly, rate respiratory, pressure blood,etryim ox pulse Monitor¬† physician your by directed as tongue the under oruallyling sub administered be also can tabletsinlycerrog nit; discomfort from relief temporary forfenroup ib or aspirinister Admin available ifatorsillibr def manual and tanks oxygen as such supplies medical emergencysemble As gravity by caused lungs the in buildup fluid reduce to head his than higher slightly feet his positioning, position) back their onlying (ine sup a in patient the Place : should You.isoresaph di and pain chest crushing of onset acute an with presents maleold-year- 49A likelihood increase and bleeding more cause will this because) jewelry assuch ( necessary unless anything remove’t don; areabelt/line waist, chest, neck around clothing tightosenLo- ground the off inches 12 about feet their raiseand back their on gently down person theLay- : steps these take -tingain f or pressure blood low as such – shock of signs any are there If. home your in put stay or outside go to better be would it if know you that so location your at arrive to ambulance an expect they quickly how them ask can You. dispatcher the to on going’s what explains calmly and, 911 Dial. help for the call is emergency cardiac a with faced when do should you thing first

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