a 6-kg bucket of water is being pulled straight up by a string at a constant speed.,

by Radhe Gupta
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It’s not often that you have to think about the path of a flying object. In most cases, we only care how high it goes and when it hits the ground. But what is happening in between? This blog post will explore the ups and downs of an object floating or flying through space as gravity pulls it back down. Keyword: gravity. equal were strength them if slowly happening to be would both while quickly happen will downwardatingceler de or upward accelerating either then other the over dominates forces these of one if because’s That! happens nothing), air the in up straight thrown rock a with like ( perfectly other each out balanced are forces two those when but, them below ground the like something hit they until Earth towards back objects pulls constantly Gravity. friction from heat-producing by the atmosphere the through motion’s object a down slow to tries drag dynamic Aer. drag dynamic air and gravity – times all at them on acting forces two are there means that space in floating or flying things about the talk we When. gravity: it on the acting force a is there, air the into throw you object every ], description [, object floating or flying an of path down-and- up The]title [: SectionsArticle position initial their from pulled are subject- ! thoughts your share or questions ask tonamecompanyour @ media social on us find also can You. simulations and videos as such resources related on information for website our at looking a take then topic this about more in interested are you If). fluids other ( air through move objects how calculating when the gravity of force the account into taking – applications many has that but familiar very is one no which with physics in concept a introduce To poseur. adults and students school high, students school middle including, audience General: science AudTarget. down back it pulls gravity as space through flying or floating object an of downs and ups the explore will post blog This: Summary motion vertical haven’t don this like Objects. ably unpredict somewhat around bump to them cause could which involved was turbulence unless downs and ups any without level roughly stay to seem would person that then — objects floating both —tip- wing airplane or balloon air hot a of the top on along horizontally fly someone watching were you altitude: wordy ). thinner gets air ( apart farther are they because it against rubbing particles gas from is there frictionless the flies object a higher The. hold takes gravity as horizontal more becomes path its atmosphere the into up rises object an As. pressure and temperature their to proportional are particles these of density The. times all at molecules air with contact in be will it, object flying an of case theIn

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