a 66-year-old female has been found apneic and pulseless. you should immediately:,

by Radhe Gupta
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When a 66-year-old female has been found apneic and pulseless, it is crucial that you immediately begin chest compressions. The first step is to check for breathing by looking at the person’s mouth and nose; if there are no signs of breathing, then you need to perform rescue breaths with an artificial airway. If they still do not have any signs of life after two minutes of CPR, then it is time to call 9-1-1 or send someone out to get help immediately. pulse .” responders emergency from intervention awaiting while CPR continuing before terminating resusc order in fluids intravenous as well as)BVM ( device valve bag or mask face via oxygen patient the give to helpful be also mayIt. immediately help get to out someone sends or 911 call to time is it then, CPR of minutes two afterlife of signs any have not done still they If.way air artificial a with breaths rescue perform to need you then, breathing of signs no are there if; nose and mouth’s person the at looking by breathing for the check to step first The. ions compress chest begin immediately you that crucial is it,useless pul audience ap found has female old-year- 66 aWhen to car and), pulses’ someone taking ( checks meter ox, placement cuff pressure blood as such monitors heart other as well as monitoring E use to need we, is treatment this effective how monitor to order. 911 call or immediately help medical seek please then minutes several after struggling still are they If. one each between pauses minimal with minute persons compress chest120- 100 least at giving should CPR performing person The. force compression maximum forum stern they’re of sides both on them put and”Ox ” an of shape the in hands your place to idea good an also’s It. mouth the from escape does not do air that so back tilted head the keep to important is it, ions compress chest giving yours throughout cycle-silation vent/ compression30: 30 do should person This). available ( mask pocket a as such device way air alternative a using or ventilation manual either through support breath provide to continue they that time same the actions compress chest them give can who hand on else someone need will you then, BVM a with CPR of minutes three after breathing to struggling still they If. available one haven’t don or breathing trouble having are they if mask valve bag a use also can You. breaths artificial intake to them for easier’s it so mouth the around seal-tight air a create to shut nose their pinch and back head their tilt should you, breathing not is patient theIf-. seconds five every breaths rescue twoGive-

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