a bacterial cell stains positive with the acid-fast stain. which of the following is false?,

Bacterial cells are stained with the acid-fast stain, which is a type of dye that sticks to some bacteria. The result is a bright red color. In this blog post, we will explore what can make these cells go from being bright red to having no color at all! present acidic something be to needs there, microscope a under viewed when look”fast-acid ” characteristic their on take to bacteria for orderIn . possible if instead medium another use should they; media of type this to allergies have may people some so),atingel ( protein animal contains alsoar ag Blood. salt of levels high contain which platesar ag blood as such mediaological microbi of types certain on up show not may it and site infected an in found be to bacteria for necessary always’t isn It! color red bright a is result The. red or, clear, yellow be can cells bacterial stains that dyeThe ? false is these of Which. stainfast- acid the with stained are cells Bacterial: StatementsFalse Johnson David. Dr:Author lack a in result then will This. inactive oruble insol become to protein membrane cellular’sium bacter a cause can antibiotics of types certain,Additionally ! to stick to molecules dyefast- acid the for nothing is there, components these without; structure its in proteins basic the of some removes process this because dye the extracted solventolarp- nonA *. stain could it beforeant disinfectbased- alcohol an by killed wasIt *. onto itself attach to dye the for) made are cells which of substancethe (asmopl prot enough have not does therefore and, dead is bacteriaThe *: following the include things These. all at color no having to red bright being from go cell bacterial a make can that things many areThere ( others not but),osainug aerasomonud Pselike ( bacteria of types certain to stick only mayyes d these of some, instance For. react’t don still they, together binding after even that is possibilityAnother ! it on nothing have might sample your that be would result The). quickly samplesetting pip anduting dil were you if, examplefor ( interact to them for time enough not was there because or, other each with well interact’t don molecules two these when happens This! place first the in cell bacteria the to bind’t didn dye the if is happen could this wayOne . below possibilities few a explore will We? all at colors no having to red bright from go cells bacterial make canWhat

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