a bad-news message, whether delivered in person or in writing, is usually better received when you,

by Radhe Gupta
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It’s not easy to deliver bad news. Whether you’re delivering the message in person or through a written letter, it’s always better received when you apologize for what happened and offer sympathy that things didn’t work out as planned. Furthermore, there are many ways to deliver bad news: by phone, email, text message, or even carrier pigeon! The first step is preparation – make sure that you have everything ready before your meeting so that nothing gets lost in translation during delivery. others from responses withered bomb being without terms own their on information absorb to time need may people some, glance first at idea good alike seemed does it if even: delivery of stages all throughout mind open a Keep-. it through read they while head there in the message the receiving person the for questions unanswered no are there so possible as happened what about detail much as Provide. organized well and concise is letter your that sure be, correspondence written to comes it When-. communication with problems causing by worse things makes only will This! you of better the get this let’s don – news-bad delivering when a shaky turn or shake to voice your for natural’s It. delivery after and, during, before collected and calm Stay- __ ..” but this you tell to having for apologies “: news bad given being is it difficult how about sympathy by followed!) guts take it ( out worked didn things why of apology gentle a with start should statement opening Yours. time wasted over frustration some them cause may this as day there in late or early too not- talk can person other the and you when for a time appropriate a schedule to important also’s It. questions asked if say will you whating rehears and beforehand discussed be toionsquest/ points the organizing, drive flash and on are files necessary all ensuring includes This. delivery during translation is lost gets nothing that so meeting you’re before ready everything have you that sure make – preparation steps first.

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