a behavior becomes a habit when it has been repeated,

It is important to know how habits are formed and what goes on in the brain. This will help you understand why it is so hard to break bad habits, but also how to make good new ones. We have all experienced the difficulty of breaking a habit or starting one- like trying to give up smoking or start going to the gym regularly. But when we look at our brains, we can see that they are designed for this very purpose- repetition. typically – repetitionful effort requires learning worth anything, things learn people how about us taught has neuroscience thing one’s there If). tricks other some need might you habits bad for sometimesalthough ( repetition is need you all then, habit a change to want we if: hope give can knowledge this also But! break to hard so are habits why understand us help can which- connections those make to brains our foritions repet enough having not to opposed as experiences similar of out memories new making when ease greater with fire will brain the in neurons means This. them betweenapses syn strong created and together fired have that cells nerve more are there because remember to becomes it easier the, happens something often more The. connections of network a of up made is brainThe days three for alarm an set, day every food junk unhealthy eating stop to want you if: words other In). method” break’tdon “the ( intervals certain at them repeating by goals or behaviors track help can that available websites and apps are thereadaysNow . nature repetitive their of because brains our into ingrained deeply are they; too habits with true is This. future the in so doing continue’ll you that becomes it likely more the, action new a repeat you time each, earlier mentioned I as And. repetition requires this- life for it on imprint automatically will brain your then and once something do to have just you like not’s It? easy that it is But. stronger gets habit the, behavior a repeat we timeEvery even or) coffee drink, food favorite youreat (urable pleas something do you time every serotonin and dopamine as such chemicals releases which” center rewardthe “ called area an has brain Your. repetition- purpose very this for designed are they that see can we, brains our at look we when But. regularly gym the to going start or smoking up give to trying like- one starting or habit a breaking of difficulty the experienced all have We. ones new good make to how also but, habits bad break to hard so is it why understand you help will This. brain the in on goes what and formed are habits how know to important is It– Habit a Building Behind PsychologyThe . content post blog the isThis

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