a benefit of using the post performance area within hootsuite analytics is that it shows:,

Hootsuite Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor your social media accounts and track the performance of posts. This includes post impressions, reach, clicks, retweets, replies and favorites. The Post Performance section within Hootsuite Analytics provides you with a detailed summary of the performance of each individual post. Below are some key points about this section: 1) It shows how many people have viewed your post in real-time 2) The pie chart displays different metrics including impressions, reach (likes + comments), clicks and retweets 3) You can view more information on specific posts by clicking on them which into insights you gives This. analysis depth in more even an for them on clicking by posts specific on information more view canYou- etswe ret and clicks), comments +ikesl ( reach), comments +ikesl ( impressions including metrics different displays chart pieThe- example for Twitter or Facebook on content publish to appropriate most is it when to as insight giving, time real in posts your viewed have people many how showsIt- : feature particular this about points key some are Below. post individual each review to you allows and posts media social your of summary detailed a with you provides analyticsitesuoot h within section performance post The? area performance post’ Analyticsitesuoot H using of benefits the areWhat ikesl ( reach),ersview ( impressions as such metrics showing chart pie overview an including; post individual each of performance the of summary detailed a with you provides Analyticsitesuoot H within section Performance Post The. online posting to comes it when strategy their about smarter be to brands allowing, times different at performs content certain poorly or well how around reporting detailed provide to ability its in unique is Analyticsitesuoot H! you for most working’s what you shows this – them on clicking by posts specific on information more view can You.etswe ret and clicks), comments +ikesl ( reach, impressions includes This. post each of success the track and accounts media social your monitor to you allows that tool powerful a is section performance postThe

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