a bimetallic stemmed thermometer should,

The first step in understanding the bimetallic stemmed thermometer is to understand how it works. The metal used for the stem and ball are different, but they act as one when heated up. When a person starts heating up the metal by holding it over an open flame, both metals expand at different rates due to their different degrees of heat conductivity. This causes an expansion that pushes against each other until there is no longer any force being applied onto them from outside sources (i.e., the hand).content/.[ effectallicimet b a create to again rates different at contract will it, offs cool metal the When). hand the.,e.i ( sources outside from them onto applied being force any longer no is there until other each against pushes that expansion an causes This.ivity conduct heat of degrees different their to due rates different at expand metals both, flame open an over it holding by metal the up heating starts person a When. up heated when one as act they but, different are ball and stem the for used metal The. works it how understand to isometer therm stemmedallicimet b the understanding in step firstThe . effectallicimet b a create to again rates different at contract will it, offs cool metal the When ometer thermallicimet b your giving try, impatient feeling’re you If. objects two these besides moving else nothing’s there because rotating stop will it then, ball and stem the up heating while still hand their holds someone if means this – source another from them onto applied being force outside no’s there until other each against evenly push can they so them for rates expansion in distribution even an creates metals both on effectThe- .” does brass as conditions same the under quickly as expand not does it therefore;ivity conduct heat of degree lower much a has that steel of out made is strip other The. steel than slower expands which, brass of out made is strip One. strips metal two of one with contact make and rotate to ball the causes pushing This

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