a blacked-out traffic light should be treated the same as a __________________.,

by Radhe Gupta
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If you see a blacked-out traffic light, do not panic. Treat it the same as if there were no light at all and proceed with caution. You should also obey all other __. before working reassign/ lights all sure make Also).kswal cross both.,e.I ( travel of direction either from coming to my kids where streets onto turning when caution extreme exercise so periods recess during schools near sidewalks on play at children be may there that Remember. corner street successive each approaching while caution use and intersection the through going time your take, accident by happens this if; necessary absolutely’s it unless intersections other any into entering not Do. found is safely over pull to a location safe next to the until a caution with careful intersection the through proceeds, intersection an in are and light traffic out-ed black a see you. possible as soon as repaired be will.__ The. around turn or stop not do. author the about paragraph an isThis .__ .,__: Summary Content FormShort ​! safe being are you sure make just after, etc, Oswal cross in pedestrians to yield, lanes changing when signals turn used, lines white on the stop, lights red at stop: to attention require things Other. purposes safety for actions you’re with cautiously proceeding by signs or lights without intersection other any like just it treats; up covered has that light traffic outed black a see you if panic not, please. happening is this where intersections through driving while__ other all obey to need also You. caution with the proceeding and it ignores please, one see you If.__ an as same the treated be should light traffic out-ed blackA. all at light no were there if as__ other the of all follow just; panic don and careful be, one across come you If. light traffic out-ed black a see you when doing to what about post blog a is this then, late being workers with frustration about information more wanted you sentences these reading after If.” occasion on meetings or work for late be to them leads which “.. ..” time’ employees respected don people how is moderates fruit that thing” .” well as a job my about loved I things many were here “: this like something write could you, another from one deline clearly to want and topics different three discussing are you if, example For. begins direction in change new each where know readers your let will This. sentence every of end the at) (risk aster an add to help can it, paragraph-long a writing When: Tip  -END- POST  OF END

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