a boat has railings that are 3 inches high. under missouri law, where may passengers legally ride?,

A boat has railings that are 3 inches high. Under Missouri law, where may passengers legally ride? Missouri law states that a passenger cannot be transported on the deck of a boat if the railing is less than three (3) inches high. This applies to any area of the deck, including those areas with side rails or guardrails. If there is no railing at all, then passengers cannot board the boat from decks outside of an enclosed cabin or pilothouse and must enter through an open door into one of these structures in order to board.- garageachedatt ( cabin a either – structure available one inside doorway open anhjgrou th entering without decks exterior from boarding for allow not do and high inches three than more notings rail have which Law Missouri under boats to only referring are you assumes guideThis . board to order in structures these of one into door open an through enter must andouseoth pil or cabin enclosed an of outside decks from boat the board cannot passengers then, all at railing no is there If.ilsra guard or rails side with areas those including, deck the of area any to applies This. high inches)I ( three than less is railing the if boat a of deck the on transported be cannot passenger a that states lawouriMiss any aboard stand to permitted legally be may you where with do to nothing has requirement this but, around moving while balance their maintain can they so onboard allowed passenger every for lengths’ arm withinshold- hand and seating adequate provide to use passenger for designed specifically been have that boats require does law Missouri.ouseoth pil or cabin a includes that and, boat the board to order in structures these of one into door open an through enter must passengers then all atings rail no are there If. well asilsra guard or rails side with those including, boat the of areas all to applies This. high inches)three ( three than less is deck a on height railing the if transported be not may passengers – clear is lawouriMiss

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