a bond where the electrons are shared unequally is called a(an) ________ bond.,

A bond where the electrons are shared unequally is called a(an) __ bond. Lewis dot diagrams can be used to show this type of bonding in molecules and organic compounds. In a molecule, one atom shares an electron with another atom so that it has two more than the other atom does. This unequal sharing creates a covalent bond between the atoms that will last as long as they stay bonded together. than rather 17 at equal number atomic their keep to as so equally them share they but nucleus their outside electron one just have both; electronmost outer lone their using together bonded atoms chlorine two of consists which)ClH ( chloride hydrogen be would example common A● : circle larger a within circles three showing by represented be can bond of typeThis . formed has molecule a, atoms of types different two between bonding in involved is electrons shared these of more or one When. it of side either on atoms to bondsentoval c form core central this around electrons the and, filled shellence val a with atom an represent circle each of center the in dots The.ally unequ shared are that pairs electron the shows diagram dot LewisThe have which fats as well as) H +O= C both containwhich ( sugars include chemicals These. forces bonding chemical strong create atoms the all byally unequ shared electrons the because time long a for__ stay will compounds these, state natural their in’re they as long As. other each to bonded elements four with moleculesedondb-ple quadru and; together bond elements three when bondsentoval c triple; nitrogen or oxygen like elements different two between bondsentoval c double; element other one and atom carbon a between bondsentoval c single: present be can that bonds of types two than more are there, molecule of type this In. atoms hydrogen and carbon of up made is molecule__ the, compound organic anIn shells filled two has Silver. nucleus the around orbit its completes which -rons neut orons prot six with shell outer the reaches finally it until another to atom one from moves electron the how represent arrows The. below shown be would]silver [ for diagram configuration electronicThe .ally unequ shared are electrons where bondsentoval c form also can metals as such compoundsorganic In .) _ __CH ( methane of molecule example an for this like more something look will they, compounds organic in bonding of type this show to used are diagrams dot LewisWhen .) other each to stick gas hydrogen and water like molecules makes what’s It. together atoms different two holds that force the is bond chemical a, chemistry in:Bond(

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