a boy is a gun lyrics,

“A boy is a gun,” says the song. But what does that mean? What are the lyrics telling us about this person we call “a boy”? In this article, I’ll analyze some of the most poignant lines from the song to try and answer these questions. anything do canyou– happens what cares one no know you because guys other around being about freeing something’s there, turn every atlessly fear back hold to taught are who girls with contrast In+ . made mistakes any for boys than harshly more them judge will society because careful be to need they or matter’t don opinions their that age early an from told get girls how about writes author The). line this wrote he when meant Foster what not’re they ifeven ( them in truth of degree some have interpretations all that say to safe’s it think I but, interpreted be can phrase this ways different many are There. men and boys of power the underestimate’t shouldn we that saying as interpreted be could” gun a is boyA “* which – there outters doub the all by hurt feels person this perhaps that sense a’s there, times at But .. oneye-to- eye see’t don we something onme/ you by one get to justthem/ me for got have people other these what than more take will it know they because: confident so are they why explain could This.”enemy ” an – way some in them question or doubt who people addressing be to seems also song The. personality their of aspect this to directly speak,” high held head my with’in walk’mI “, as such Lines. sounds narrator theuredass- self and proud how is” gun a is boyA ” to listening from across comes that impressions immediate most the ofOne you day one Maybe? me telling voices those were What ago long us from taken was Nature Mother trying even them without humanity by conquered been has Earth planet our on things most like hope against hope They come not might tomorrow becauseeaby lull their sing they still And him for left nothing’s there reality in that knows she Though war to off goes he when cry’t won father her with girl A fine out turn will everything says She hand his got’s mother and gun a is boy a be to came all it how remembers nobody But earth of people the ourselves call We here’re we why or are we who know’t donI ! post blog first my is this but, doing’m I what idea no have I:S.P

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