a budget does all of the following, except,

A budget does all of the following, except: – Gives you a sense of what you can afford to spend – Helps you track your spending during the month and compare it with your income by week or day – Shows how much is left in your bank account at any given time hand other the On). codes access need would thiefthe ( well as end their from occurring transactions of types these against safeguards have banks because party either for risk no’s there then, transaction the of sides both on happens this If. account your of balance the than more spend can they,entlyul fraud it uses and card your steals someone if that means This. time over off paid be will that interest with money borrow to you allow cards credit while account checking your to directly linked are cardsitDeb ? cards credit and debit between difference the isWhat . house a or car new a like, up comes purchase large a when do to what out figure youps Hel- account bank your in saved’ve you much how Shows- not or whether is consider to thing next The. strategy budget tailored own your creating when difference the all make’ll it because this about think to time Take? want really I do What: this yourself ask, first So. life from want YOU what fit instead but norm universal some follow not should it: Remember! needs and goals YOUR around specifically created been has that one is budget bestThe ! month each money more save help will which be need if providers change even or amounts these adjust can You. debt loan student and payments car, rent like costs fixed toward goes income monthly your of much how see to you Allows- happen that things the for money with account separate a in savings your keeping by emergencies for plan youps Hel- start just maybe Or! required thought extra any without away put; automatically handled are savings the all way This. paid be to needs what of half than more already’s there Christmas next by that so) enough having to closer you bring will amount whateveror ( account bank your of out50 $ takes on now from paycheck every that sure make, yet saved enough have’t don but system game video One Box X an want you if, example For. something for up saving including, things many for budget a use can You:intH obligations financial other meet and bills monthly pay to time comes it when account your in is much how Shows- not or – month each of end the at over left money have youps Hel-

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