Components of a Hookah

by Radhe Gupta
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Hookahs are used to smoke tobacco from a water pipe. Tobacco comes in a variety of flavors such as mint, strawberry, apple, and the like. Flavors that compliment each other can be mixed to give an interesting taste. Hookahs vary in shape, style, and size. 

This article is going to discuss each part of a hookah. Here are the primary components of a hookah are: Bowl, Tray, Stem, Pipe, and Base.

Hookah Bowl

The bowl is one of the primary aspects of a hookah. It is also known as a shisha head or hookah head. The bowl holds the flavored tobacco. Most bowls are made from clay, but in modern times, there are a variety of bowls found in the market that are made from various materials such as glass, resin, metal, silicone, ceramic, and much more. 

There are different shapes and designs to them too, the most popular styles are the hookah phunnel bowl and the Egyptian clay bowl. Their designs differ slightly. The hookah phunnel bowl has one large air vent that’s raised whereas the Egyptian clay bowl has 3-4 holes in the middle for ventilation. 

Hookah Tray

The tray functions as the coal and ash holder. Its main function is to protect the surrounding from the coal falling off and creating a mess. The tray sits firmly beneath the hookah head. They come in various designs and shapes.

Modern hookah trays have a function that prevents the coals from blacking out and helps them breathe. 

Hookah Stem

Also known as the hookah pipe, hookah shaft, and argila hookah, the stem is essentially the central piece where all the main functioning takes place. It is sort of like the spine of the hookah, it connects all other elements of the piece to work as one. 

The highest point in the hookah stem is the bowl port that situates the hookah bowl firmly. The shisha flavored smoke travels from the bowl port, downwards, it is basically like the main entrance. The shisha stem sits upright and vertically on the base of the hookah. 

Hookah Pipe

The pipe is the handheld part of the hookah that allows for the smoke to exit the pot to be inhaled. The pipe is attached via the pipe port on the stem. 

In today’s modernized hookah industry, various types of hookah pipes are manufactured. The most common material used for the pipe is silicone. They too come in different sizes, designs, colors, and shapes. Silicone makes for the pipe to be washed and reused, unlike traditional hookahs. 

Hookah Base

Also known as the hookah glass, hookah vase, or hooka jar. The base of the hookah is what bears the entire setup and carries the smoke. The base is super important as it holds the hookah bowl, stem, pipe, and tray. The smoke that is formed is held in the base before entering the pipe. It also allows the stem to filter out any harmful substances. 

So there you have it, these are the primary components of a hookah. If you want to know how to properly use a hookah, you should be familiar with and understand how each part functions. This can help you effectively smoke the hookah and enhance your experience with it. 

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