Dispensaries that deliver

by Radhe Gupta
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What is a dispensary?

Dispensaries are places wherein patients get medical marijuana products however safe access is one of the many available benefits to establishing regulated marijuana programs. 

In a conventional dispensary setup, a pharmacist gives medication as per the prescription prescribed in the form. 

A standard dispensary system comprises a range of modules like:

  • Manual dispensing
  • Supervisory
  • Buk Dispensing
  • Recipe Management
  • Interfacing with external systems

A system like this will dispense nonmedical products also like alcohol, vitamins, minerals, or tobacco. 

Let’s know more about dispensaries that deliver:

1. Better Buds:

The experts at Better buds are readily available to assist you with your marijuana needs. The Product here comes in different levels, forms to meet customers’ needs as per their specifications. One can choose from water-solubles, tinctures, soft gels, topical applications, etc. 

This Company was founded on the principle of purpose, efficacy, and unparalleled quality. Once these principles go into commitment and dedication to cultivating cannabis for a much better planet. 

You can check out more details here 

2. Speedway

This Company was founded in 2010. Its headquarters are situated in Hollywood Hills. The co-founders are Gene Gentile, Jennifer Gentile, AJ Gentile. This is one of the largest delivery companies in L.A. 

Incorporated by Gene Gentile, his brother, AJ, and AJ’s wife, Jennifer, the 10-year-old membership-based service partners with cannabis brands as well as dispensaries.

There was a platform launch wherein they also allowed their clients to order cannabis from direct brands rather than through dispensaries that deliver cannabis. 

3. Sweet Flower

This Company was founded in 2018. Its headquarters are situated in Culver City. the CEO of the Company is Timothy Dodd. 

This is a cannabis retailer that is offering in-person shopping outlets as well as delivery at multiple locations in Hollywood, Studio City, and Westwood. 

This Company was founded as a medical collective and then it opened its business to recreational patients in 2018.  

4. Rebud

This Company was founded in 2019. Its headquarters are situated in North Hollywood. the CEO of the Company is Arman Siradeghyan. 

People who founded this organization as a software solution for eCommerce businesses of cannabis are as below:

Narek Khachatryan, Arman Siradeghyan, and David Bagdasarian.

It was soon felt by them that implementation of their software into other companies would get extremely complex and hence they pivoted to delivering cannabis through its system. 

They worked with the cannabis brands and their retailers for transacting their products online. It provides an on-demand service that offers a wait time of two hours for each delivery. 

5. Herbarium

This Company was founded in 2018. Its headquarters are situated in Fairfax. The CEO of the Company is Adie Meiri. 

It is a family-owned retailer that offers delivery as well as indoor shopping within a 10-mile radius of its stores and maximum wait times of 60 minutes. 

They offer cannabis as an optional medication where they give discounts to medicinal users, customers with disabilities, and seniors. 

In the initial times of 2020, they added Covid care package which included face maks that included face masks and a roll of toilet paper with each order, the company said.

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