Expand your McDonald’s empire: take advantage of world-wide opportunities

by Coinneach Devin
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McDonald’s is the most famous fast-food chain in the world. In fact, McDonald’s has opened more stores around the globe than any other restaurant company. With over 34,000 locations in 119 countries and territories around the world, you may be wondering “why should I expand my McDonald’s empire?” Well, we are going to answer that question for you right now!

– McDonald’s has the most experience in international expansion of any restaurant company. They are experts at opening restaurants all around the world, and with their global footprint, they have a wealth of knowledge on what it takes to succeed abroad. As well, when you open up franchises within countries where the culture is different than our own here in America (such as India), they can give you advice about how to adapt your menu or store design for that market without damaging your branding back home.

– Opening more locations means better accessibility: if people who live far away from existing stores don’t want to drive miles just to get their favorite McFlurry® or Big Mac®, then one day soon there will be a new location near them! Plus, when you open up more locations, it’s a great opportunity to expand the menu.

– The global share of McDonald’s is growing: in 2013 they had their strongest year ever! In fact, an average day at any one of our stores brings in over $400 worth of Big Macs® and Chicken McNuggets®, which means that every minute there are about 350 sandwiches sold around the world. And as we continue opening restaurants all across the globe, this trend will only increase.”

McDonald’s has been expanding so successfully for decades because they have mastered how to make money by capitalizing on worldwide opportunities… They know what they’re doing better than anyone else; after all, who knows more about expansion? With nearly 36,000 restaurants located in 119 countries and territories around the world, McDonald’s is a true global franchise.

There are many ways to increase your profit by expanding globally. For example:

– Increase your menu offerings for international markets – Offer healthier options abroad – Use local suppliers when possible – Adapt advertising strategies internationally (i.e., more of a focus on family).

-The menu offerings are different in each country; for example, McRice is only available in Asian restaurants and has recently been added to the menus at a few select locations throughout Europe. This means that it’s important to know what will resonate with customers abroad so as not to disappoint them when they come in looking for an American favorite like French fries or hamburgers—or else change their order once they get there. It also helps if suppliers can offer produce on site instead of shipping everything from America…

– For those who would prefer healthier options: after all, one in three adults are now classified as obese.

– Adapt advertising strategies internationally (i.e., more of a focus on family).

– Offer more variations of the Big Mac.

– Include regional items to appeal to local tastes (i.e., McRice).

– Adapt store design for different cultures and needs around the world (i.e., offer a drive through in India because most people there don’t have cars).

This post is about how McDonald’s can keep growing, despite the global economic slowdown. There are many opportunities for expansion outside of America in countries like China and India. These markets have a lot of potential because they haven’t been exposed to Western-style fast food yet, but this also means that there will be less competition–and more opportunity for growth! What strategies should McDonalds use going forward? Here are some suggestions:

– Offer healthier options so people don’t give up on their favorite burger joint when they learn it offers nothing different than a Big Mac or fries…

– Adapt advertising strategies internationally with a focus on family dynamics instead of just children…because one third of adults now qualify as obese due to our sedentary lifestyles, and McDonald’s is the world’s largest chain of fast-food restaurants.

-Expand outside America to countries like China and India–which both have many opportunities for growth because they haven’t been exposed to Western style fast food yet.

-Put more thought into the interior design of McDonald’s restaurants, so they’re welcoming instead of being just a place to eat.

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