Family Fun: 11 Disney-Themed Activities for Kids

by Coinneach Devin
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In this house, we do Disney. Whether it’s in our favorite movies or in our homes, the magic of Disney is a feeling that never goes away. We love to bring the joy of Disney into our lives and share it with all members of the family. In my new blog post I am sharing 11 fun activities for kids that are themed around Disney!

-Go on a family scavenger hunt in your house or neighborhood looking for things related to Disney. When you find one, take a picture and share it with the group!

-Play hide and seek using toy figurines of characters from any movie. Remember to all use character names when calling out who’s “it”!

-Create an art project that incorporates at least three different types of popular Disney movies together, such as The Lion King + Toy Story (my favorite!) = Pride Rock inspired by Andy’s Room – Assemble parts of Tinker Bell from Peter Pan into the air while everyone else is blindfolded (or just turn off the lights) and see who can identify the Tinker Bell parts in the shortest amount of time.

-Play Disney trivia and test your knowledge!

-Practice math by counting how many times an animal appears on a card, then tally up your score with everyone else’s to find out which team has done better (think Go Fish or Old Maid). The first person/team to reach 100 points wins! This is great for practicing addition facts too if you use cards that have numbers as well as animals.

-Be creative and draw something inspired by Disney – try drawing a favorite character from any movie, painting some scenery from their world, or even sketching one of those iconic circles we always hear about!

-Go on YouTube and search for Disney songs. Sing along!

-Find a coloring page for your favorite song from the movie and color it in, or find an image that inspires you and paint on top of it to create your own unique piece.

-Play a word game where each player gets four cards with words drawn on them (again, try using categories such as Disney lyrics) and put them in order by first letter so they read like sentences: “I love Sally’s birthday cake” would be A I L S B C K D E – this is similar to Hangman but instead of guessing letters to figure out what someone has guessed wrong, we’re figuring out which word follows another one alphabetically. The person who wins can start the next round if they want.

-Find a word that rhymes with something in your favorite Disney movie (for example, “snow” could rhyme with the title of Aladdin). Write out as many versions of this word as you can think up and see which one is funniest to read aloud.

-Name an animal or insect native to a place in the world like Africa for instance; then find five different words that are spelled similarly but have completely different meanings – such as giraffe, gharial, garifuna, geriatric etcetera) and put them all on index cards laid face down in front of each player. Have everyone pick a card at random while someone else flips it over so they can’t tell what’s on the other side. The player who picks a word that is spelled in the same way as their animal or insect gets to keep it and swap another card with someone else if they want.

-Pretend you’re going on a Disney cruise, listing all of your things for packing (for example: “I need my princess hat, my Captain Hook costume, sunscreen”).

-Choose two categories that have nothing in common except one word in each category – for instance: Saltwater Animals vs. Native American Tribes; then give five different answers to fill out both columns. For example: Whale Sharks vs Carnival Indians)

-Find something from around the house like an apple or a can of beans and describe how if feels before giving it to someone else

-Find a person in the room and make up an imaginary conversation with them about what they would want their last meal to be.

-Pretend you’re going on your first date with another player, listing all of your things for packing (for example: “I need my princess hat, my Captain Hook costume, sunscreen”).

-Get up from where you are sitting and look around the house or yard – then tell everyone one thing that makes it special to you.

-Draw two different animals without lifting pencil from paper between drawings; name both animals. (eagle & lion)

-Name as many Disney movies as possible in 60 seconds

In this house we do disney!

-We love to play in the Disney store

-It’s always a magical trip.

-See your favorite princesses

-Feel like you’re in Disneyland every day with these fun activities for kids!

Rule: We can only say “Disney” or use any other words on this list once per sentence, and we cannot repeat sentences from one another.

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