filmfare award for best supporting actor

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If you take this award seriously, your role in this film was more important than the rest of the characters.

The reason I chose this award is because it honors a player who is an honest, genuine actor who has made a film, and made a film in a very honest, honest way. There are a few reasons for this: 1. Being an honest, honest actor is enough to make you a star. 2. You haven’t even seen the film. 3. Even if your character is a terrible actor, you still don’t get to play an honest, honest actor.

That’s an easy one. You do get to play an honest, honest actor.

This is just the start of the film. You’ve got to make sure your character is good, good enough as a character. But if you don’t make your character a character who has a bad character, that character wouldn’t even win the film award.

You have to be the star. You have to make sure your character is the character. Just like you have to make sure your character is a good actor. But if you dont make your character a character who has a bad character, that character wouldnt even get the star.

That said, the film has cast two actors who have already won a couple of filmfare awards (at least in US) for their work, so we can assume that the film has good acting. And even though the film is directed by a Brit rather than an American, that doesn’t mean that the acting is bad. The acting is just good.

I feel bad for the film. It’s a comedy with a good story but also some really bad acting. The acting is good though. It will be interesting to see if this film has a commercial success.

The main character is a well-dressed, good-looking man, whose parents were in a movie. He’s got a pretty good sense of humor, which is very interesting. He could’ve been the director of that movie with the big screen, but he’s a good actor.

The main character is very good. He is one of those people who gets thrown into the deep end of the screen. His first scene is a pretty good scene, but his second scene is a really bad scene. I feel bad for this film. The acting is bad and the acting is terrible. It is all very well to do a good movie, but only when you can get through it.

It is absolutely not worth it. I would have expected a better performance by the actor. I just don’t understand how he could be so bad. He looked really uncomfortable, had terrible facial expressions, and looked like he was just sitting under a blanket. The fact that he has a very good sense of humor makes it really hard to believe he could do this. He is very good, but he has so many flaws that it is hard to believe he is even human.

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