How a tidy room can lead to better productivity

by Ethan More
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Tidiness is indisputably one of the most attractive things about spaces. Most people’s lives, especially students’, are pretty tasking, meaning there is so much to deal with right from the classroom to social life. For this reason, if you are a student, the expectation is that you stay productive most of the time. However, one of the things that most students struggle with more when at their busiest is maintaining a tidy space and still meeting their academic, extra-curricular, and social targets. 

There have to be various contributing factors to stay productive, and the environment where you do most of your operations matters a lot. Studies have confirmed a very close relationship between a tidy space and a student’s productivity. If you doubt this finding, through this blog, you will get to realize the correlation between a tidy room and your levels of productivity.

Why does the choice of room matter?

 Students have a culture of renting houses as a group as this is convenient in two ways; such arrangements make housing affordable, and at least each student is guaranteed privacy by getting a room of their own. However, a proper housing arrangement has proven reliable and contributes to increased student productivity. Various service providers like state college collective are dedicated to making student living as comfortable as possible. Through the help of such service providers, students have a guarantee of finding a room or house in a good location and with an ambiance suitable for the busy student life. A good location guarantees access to your school and other social amenities like malls, restaurants, and parks.

 Having a great room that makes it easy for you to juggle school, work, and social life is not enough to make you productive. A room has to be conducive enough if you intend to meet all your goals. For a room to be conducive, it has to be tidy.

The impact of a tidy room on your productivity

Healthy eating

 As a student, you need to eat healthy to increase your energy levels hence better productivity. Most people who consume lots of junk do not have a conducive environment to sit down and enjoy a meal. A tidy space is easy on the eye, and it enables you to set aside a place to sit and eat. Also, if you are going to eat from your room, you will be motivated to cook more healthy meals because of the ambiance your room provides. 

Reduced stress levels

 Research has shown a close association between cluttered spaces and stressed occupants. As a student, your room is your home, and home is the one place where people find rest and peace. An untidy space can cause lots of restlessness. Put yourself in this scenario; you wake up in the morning, and instead of taking the shortest time possible to find a dress or shirt, it takes you several minutes to an hour. 

In this case, you have already set yourself up for a stressful day. All you need to avoid such occurrences is to tidy up; this way, it becomes easy to locate stuff and spend the rest of your time taking care of other useful projects.

Reduced distractions

 Untidy spaces are full of distractions because there is always so much to look at at the same time. Students need maximum concentration to grasp concepts. If you are preparing for that exam, the less there is on your study desk, the more likely you will stay focused on what you are reading.

How to create a tidy room

 Tidying up a room is easy. First, clean up your space, arrange your stuff, ensure everything is in its rightful place, and most importantly, open windows and curtains when necessary to let in enough natural light. If possible, invest in tasteful furnishing as this can keep you happy, relaxed, and more productive.

 If you have been looking for a solid reason to tidy up your space, from the above, you can already see the advantages that come with tidy spaces. If you don’t know how to arrange your room, you can refer to online resources; there are several guidelines on tidying up both small and big spaces.

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