This is an example of where the three levels of self-awareness are at their most difficult. We are most aware of our unconscious feelings and thoughts like “I feel sad,” “I can’t stop thinking about my ex,” and “I hate myself” when we are trying to make decisions in our lives.

This is when we don’t even realize we are on autopilot. We just like-like-like-like, the same thing all the time. This doesn’t mean we are bad people, but it does mean we are just like everyone else. It’s our most basic way of being aware of ourselves.

The problem with not being aware of our unconscious thoughts and feelings is that we can go on autopilot for long periods of time. We can be unconscious to what we think we feel, what we think we are thinking, even what we think we are doing, because it is what is automatic for us. This lack of awareness can affect how we approach life, relationships, or work.

We are all just unaware of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, however, we can all be aware of the unconscious. It’s not about being aware of what we are thinking about. Its about being aware of the thoughts that we are thinking. It is a self-awareness that is part of being human. Just like every other type of awareness there is also a “dark” type.

The dark type is the type that we are unaware of. It is the type that we are unaware of because it’s hidden. We become aware of it when we are so occupied with our external environments that we forget there is a self-awareness that exists within.

I think the wan is the dark type. The one that we are unaware of is the self-awareness that exists within a human. But we also see the wan as the type that is hidden. Because its hiding. We go about in the world without knowing that we are what we think we are. We go about without knowing that we are what we think we are because its hidden.

The self-awareness we have isn’t necessarily a problem that we can get around, but we can only recognize it so often before it becomes a problem. It’s hard to remember how to get out of a rut because everything is so familiar. This is where we can really understand the wan. Because our everyday experiences are so familiar, it’s hard to realize that there is something else that exists within.

The good news though: even though we are really not sure of what we think we are we know that we are. Its pretty easy to see that its because we are the only humans who have ever been able to see the wan, and we are the only humans who have ever been able to see the wan. Its very hard to see its hidden behind a wan until you can do it yourself.

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