Kelly Ripa: What Did She Do to Her Foot?

by Coinneach Devin
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Kelly Ripa is one of the most famous people in Hollywood. She has had a long career as an actress and television host, but what did she do to her foot? In this blog post, we will look at what Kelly Ripa might have done to her foot and how it could affect her career.

– What did Kelly Ripa do to her foot?

What is the most common injury for people who are on their feet all day long, like Kelly Ripa might be at work? Plantar fasciitis. This condition can cause pain in the heel of your foot and could eventually lead to ruptured tendons or even surgery if left untreated. It’s possible that this is what happened with Kelly Ripa since she was seen wearing a protective boot after filming an episode of Live! With Regis & Kelly earlier this month. She also missed last week’s show due to illness so it seems likely that she would have been too sore from working on her feet all day long to make it through another full hour on TV.

It sounds as though something went wrong while Kennedy was filming the episode of Live! With Regis & Kelly which is what caused her to wear a protective boot.

I don’t believe any of these injuries are life-threatening, but it’s still an inconvenience for Ripa to have had any one of them happen at all. Hopefully she can heal up quickly and be back on our TV screens as soon as possible!

This blog post will explore just that question in order to provide some details about what could have happened when Kennedy injured herself during rehearsals last week and wore a protective boot while appearing live this morning. I’ll also share my thoughts on whether I think it’s time for Kelly Ripa to retire.

I’m going to start by looking at what video footage has been released of the rehearsal on Wednesday night, which is when she reportedly injured her foot. So far there are no clear details about what happened or how serious the injury was, but I have a few theories and some speculation that could be worth considering in order to understand whether this might’ve led to Kelly ripping up her contract with Regis Philbin because of an injury-related dispute between them.

Injuries can happen anywhere: while playing sports, doing housework, running errands…even rehearsing live TV shows! Earlier today during Live With Regis & Kelly Kennedy Montgomery had something go wrong and was taken offstage on a stretcher.

After announcing she would be leaving Live With Regis & Kelly, the TV star is making headlines after injuring her foot and only appearing in one show this week. The injury came as a surprise for fans who didn’t know what happened or how serious it was until Friday morning when reports surfaced that she called out of work due to pain from what might’ve been an accident at rehearsal Wednesday night.

Some had speculated that the unexpected change could be related to tension between herself and longtime co-host Regis Philbin over salary negotiations for next season which may have come up short because of her decision.

Luckily, Kelly’s injury is minor and she was back to work as of Friday morning, but the media has yet to find out what exactly happened.

The TV star took a few days off after an ankle injury sustained during rehearsals for Live With Regis & Kelly this week before returning on Wednesday morning with no visible sign of discomfort in both feet! But that didn’t stop fans from wondering what really went down when they saw photos of the host hobbling around backstage just hours before it was time for taping…and not looking too happy about it either. Gossipers are guessing that her departure was for a physical reason, but no one has yet to come forward with the scoop.

While recuperating from her injury, Kelly Ripa wrote on Twitter that she’s been watching Oprah and will be catching up on The Daily Show before returning back to work tomorrow!

In other words, it doesn’t seem like she just took a little time off to figure out what she wanted to do with her life!

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