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Today I have the opportunity to watch two of the latest oriya film songs, “Kasthuriya” and “Kaunsana”. Kasthuriya was shot in the early 90s and was directed by Ravi J.

The song is set in the early 90s and the film also depicts an attempt to have a new generation of film-makers come together to make a film about this. We can’t really say it’s an original film, because it’s far from a true story.

The music of the film is still a bit strange but interesting, mostly because its so reminiscent of old films, like Mughal-e-Azam and Deewar. You can hear the difference between the music of these films and the music of the new oriya film songs. Kasthuriya is more of a song that can be listened to together, whereas the new oya film songs are more of a song with lyrics.

The new oya film songs are the perfect mix of old-school and new. The old-school soundtrack was a mixture of old songs, such as Deewar-e-Azam, and new songs, such as the new oriya film songs. The new oriya film songs are all more modern and interesting, so they are worth listening to together.

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