There are some mundane objects in life, that are as commonplace as an ATM or a phone charger. They can be found almost anywhere.

Sure. It’s just that they’re things that are common.

The things that we take for granted are so commonplace, its as if we take them for granted. Theyre so common we don’t even think they should be special.

Sure some of those mundane objects are extremely important, and some are extremely mundane. But how we take them for granted is what makes them so important to us. A mundane object is something that we take for granted because we don’t think about it that often, and because it is so commonplace, it doesn’t get much thought. The mundane objects we take for granted are so common, they don’t really deserve our respect.

I agree. Some of these mundane objects are just plain insignificant. I mean, youd think that the little black shoe at the bottom of the Christmas tree box wouldnt be very significant, you can see the shoe sticking out from the bottom of the box, but really, its nothing.

Maybe I should get a pair of black gloves for Christmas. Then I wouldn’t have to keep opening the boxes for no reason at all.

There are some mundane objects that are truly mundane and you have to wonder if they really are. The most obvious one is the plastic toy you find under a Christmas ornament. Its so unremarkable that you might not even notice. Its not as if its a toy, it’s a real object that you might have thought of and put away in your childhood toy box. But that does not mean it isnt a significant thing to you.

The same goes for the other black gloves. They are so unremarkable that they seem to have no significance at all to you. They are actually so commonplace that they might as well have a different meaning to you. At the very least, they might as well be a joke of some sort.

To me, the black gloves symbolize a sort of disconnect between our current society and the way in which we think of things. At the moment, we are so enmeshed in things like politics and economics and consumerism that we don’t realize how much these things are actually tied to a single small part of our brains which controls our emotions and emotions are related to our emotions and so we end up with things that are very similar.

In the movies we are used to seeing all the time. But in real life, we rarely seem to get the chance to spend time with things that have a lot of value on their own. So instead of buying something like a black glove with a shiny interior, we buy something that has value. Or we buy something that is a bit more unique. Or we buy something that represents our own personal style.

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