Online Tutoring is a great move for livelihood

by Anshu Dev
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Online Tutors are everywhere and for many people, “on the side” work is a great way to make extra money. You may have heard of this before and thought, “I could never do that!” Well maybe it’s time to rethink that. Today’s online tutoring options take all of the hard work out of it. There are many different tutoring sites available, with some specializing in more specific topics than others: such as math, science, and English language lessons. You can read about those options here.

Online lessons are run in a very similar manor to one-on-one tutoring in person and follow the same teaching at online course app. There are many different ways to become an online tutor, including tutoring websites like Wizly that allow you to post your resume and apply for jobs as they become available, having tutoring agencies that place you in a specific position and get you paid on behalf of the student’s parents or guardians (like these top agencies), or even by starting your own website and playing the role of both tutor and business owner. Many times, students will seek out private lessons online rather than going through school systems’ already existing services.

What prompted us to switch online teaching?

Hmm, a bit different than you may be used to. After we completed our last paper on a university-level course in 2012, we quickly realized that the world of education was not fair and too big to handle alone. In hindsight, that class suddenly made us very aware of the fact that there is no “one size fits all” method for learning, particularly in the English language. There are many different ways to learn; from formal schooling where you are assigned a teacher with one way of teaching, to self-taught methods which teach you yourself through trial and error, or online tutoring where you can get specific help on a wide variety of subjects.

Does the way of providing education by existing institutions better than other online platforms?

We would have to say no. The one size fits all method of online teaching we see on the internet is not only unfair, but really doesn’t work. With traditional methods, it is often necessary to force students into learning a certain way, whereas, with online tutoring, the student can choose their own type of learning and get specific help as they go along. It also makes it much easier for any student who may be struggling with a teacher that is not giving them the attention they need. But most importantly, it’s much cheaper than traditional schooling and online tutoring rates are affordable by almost anyone’s standards.

What about the students or teachers stranded in remote areas?

Transparency is key when looking at this option. There are sites like Wizly that allow tutors to find students & create and sell online courses wherever they are located. As for the students, a strong foundation of self-taught education through internet sites has been proven to be very beneficial in remote areas; in fact, there are studies about the positive impact of this kind of practice for kids with physical or mental disabilities. They can do their work without having to travel into large cities or towns just to access certain books and materials.

How important is a teacher’s mental health and wellness to provide quality learning in the online classroom?

This is an important piece to consider. In most traditional schools where students are taught by a single teacher, the student’s mental health and well-being can be neglected. Not only that but in many cases, some of the teachers are not even qualified for their jobs! However, in online tutoring, the roles of educator and student are separated, which allows both parties a lot more freedom to learn without having to worry about their fellow students’ unprofessional behaviors.

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