So You’re Thinking About Getting A Ragdoll Cat

by Radhe Gupta
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Ragdoll cats, often known as “puppy cats” or “puppy-like cats,” are excellent family pets because they like being around people and are considerably more affectionate than the average cat. Their big blue eyes, attractive features, silky coats, and calm demeanor make it no wonder that they’re growing increasingly popular as pet alternatives for people. 

But, there’s so much more to learn about this particular breed. This way, you’ll be able to make an easier decision whether you want one or not as a pet. Here’s what you need to know: 


It’s simple to fall in love with a Ragdoll cat because of its stunning large blue eyes, smiling expressions, and unique semi-longhaired coats. They come in various colors and patterns, like blue, dark brown, lilac, red, chocolate, and cream. A Ragdoll cat, in any color or pattern combination, is a stunningly attractive and sweet-natured feline. Check out the link for additional info


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Ragdolls are wonderful companions to have. In fact, they thrive in human company. They will almost certainly follow you about like a fluffy shadow in quest of affection and love. In certain cases, they have even been known to greet you at the door when you come home, indicating their desire to engage in human connection. Ragdolls are excellent companions for families with children since they are peaceful, affectionate, and laid-back creatures. 

Because of their easygoing nature, Ragdolls do not do well in the harsh conditions of the outer world and are thus best suited to being kept indoors. To be sure, just because they are friendly and laidback does not rule out the possibility that they are also intelligent. They may be taught basic tasks like ‘fetch’ and ‘roll-over’ with a little patience and effort on their part.

Although Ragdolls are known for their laid-back demeanor, they have certain criteria that must be met. If left alone for extended periods, they may get completely disinterested in the situation. They are also quite particular about their schedules. Any changes in meal times or changes in their living circumstances would upset them greatly. Even though ragdolls have a sensitive heart, they demand a great deal of affection from their owners!


Ragdolls are recognized for their gorgeous, silky coats, but they are also fairly high maintenance whenever it comes to care. Since their coats are semi-longhaired, they must be combed often with a metal comb or brush to keep them from becoming tangled or knotted. Don’t fear because this breed enjoys being cared for. The more love you provide your pet, the more it will be returned back to you. Cats can be loyal as dogs as well. Read more on this page

Training and exercise

Some people believe that dogs are typically more active than cats, but others disagree. This is somewhat correct, but it does not rule out the possibility of felines becoming involved in enjoyable and engaging activities, too though. Maintaining your pet’s interest and activity level is critical, as else it will become a couch potato.

Ragdoll cats have a caring and curious attitude, and they are adaptable and versatile cats. What separates this breed from other cats is its small size. Ragdolls got their name because they go limp when picked up; however, that isn’t always the case, and they are usually pleased to be held in one’s arms.

Because of their trusting demeanor, they should be exposed to other cats or dogs with care since they may not be as friendly in return. Some owners choose to keep their pets indoors for various reasons, many of which are similar.

Rough-coated ragdoll cats are adaptable to a wide range of environments, and they are active without being too energetic. The fact that cats respond best to positive rewards makes teaching them to use a litter container quite straightforward. 

Giving a cat a reward after correctly using their litter pan is one method of litter training a kitten, and they will quickly learn if you do it consistently. Because of the puppyish temperament of the breed, you may be able to educate your pet to play fetch as well. Make sure to check out holistapet cat breeds to discover more helpful information about the topic. 

What about the kittens? 

Ragdoll kittens, those adorable little bundles of fluffy pleasure, are usually ready for their new home by the age of 12 weeks. So be patient with the process if you want one right away! Every cat’s early experiences are critical to his or her development, and enjoying time connecting with and nurturing them can make them develop into kind, loyal, and dedicated pets.

Even though adult Ragdolls do not have a fussy eating habit, kittens might suffer from gastrointestinal issues. Consequently, it’s important to maintain a regular feeding schedule – providing the same high-quality food at the same times every day. If you want to change something in their diet, make them gradually over a period of a few days.

Do you believe this breed is a good match for you?

A giving temperament is displayed by Ragdolls, but they also have specific criteria that must be met. They want a consistent, predictable environment and dislike being alone. Therefore, if your home is rarely empty during the day and you are able to maintain a regular eating pattern, a Ragdoll may be the ideal pet for you.

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