Taros do amor: Let Your Romance Grow with These Ancient Ways

by Coinneach Devin
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Taros do amor is a book that will help you explore the ancient ways of tarot reading. It’s written by an expert in the field who has studied and practiced tarot for over 20 years – so he knows what he’s talking about! In this book, you’ll find everything from basic information to advanced tips on how to read tarots cards. Whether you’re new to tarots or have been practicing for years, there are plenty of gems waiting for you in Taros do Amor.

In the first section,

In Chapter One,

“What Are Tarot Cards?”

We dive into all sorts of questions related to learning about tarots: What are they use for? Who uses them? How do people read them? What are their origins and meanings? We also explore the different types of tarot decks, which cards go into each deck, what they represent in readings, and how to choose a deck that resonates with you.

In Chapter Two,

“What Can Tarots Cards Do?”,

We get into all sorts of practical information about reading tarots: when to use them for divination; common questions related to spiritualism; things that can skew interpretations (e.g., if your intention is not clear); various ways to interpret the cards’ messages – from simple card layouts such as ‘The Past,’ or more complex ones like ‘Seven Card Spread’-

If you’re looking for a tarot deck to get start with, we recommend the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. It’s a classic for good reason: it has simple and clear illustrations that are easy to understand; it’s inexpensive yet durable (you can buy them secondhand on sites like eBay); and there is plenty of information available online about how this deck works

The more you experiment with different decks, the easier it will be for you find one that resonates strongly with your personality or personal beliefs– in fact, some people keep two or three decks around at all times so they have options!

What do tarots represent? The Wheel of Fortune; Death; The Lovers Card – these cards have deep meanings but not everyone is drawn to them.

It’s important to find what speaks most deeply and personally to you as well, so that your tarot readings are more meaningful– even if they’re just for yourself!

The Fool Card:

The meaning of this card is very personal because it represents innocence or someone who doesn’t know better than he should (often a younger person), but also someone who has potential and creativity we want to see unleashed in their lives. It may indicate a transition from one state of being into another, with all the possibility that entails. The Fool is often considered an “initiatory” card – which means it can represent transformation on many levels. Other times, it simply indicates naivety or inexperience without any judgment about it.

The Tower Card:

This card has always been considered a symbol of destruction and chaos, but more often than not it represents the need for us to change our perspective so we can gain some wisdom from what’s happening in our lives right now. It may also represent being shaken up or needing to get rid of something that is no longer serving us well (whether actual objects or ideas). The Tower could be telling you your old way wasn’t working– if nothing changes, then everything will blow up!

The Lovers Card:

The card of love and commitment. This card reminds us that two people can make a relationship work as long as they are committed to loving each other, even in the difficult times. Losing hope or faith is not an option– this would only guarantee defeat!

The Fool Card:

This person may seem foolish because they don’t look before leaping but sometimes it’s better to take a leap of faith than live life without any risks at all. The reason why we call someone who does something impulsively “foolish” is because when you act on impulse instead of thoughtfully weighing your options, there’s always a chance you’ll regret what you’ve done later. Sometimes acting out on impulse has consequences that we never anticipated.

The Hermit Card:

This person is a hermit because they’ve chosen to withdraw from society and live in isolation for some time. We don’t always have the luxury of withdrawing completely but when it’s an option, take advantage! There are many benefits to being by oneself occasionally.  You can focus on your own thoughts without distraction or social pressure. Recharge your batteries so you’re ready for life again later after resting up in solitude. Solitude has been proven beneficial for mental health as well as creativity. How much more productive you might be if you took regular breaks throughout the day?

Taros do amora are love and commitment. This card reminds us that two people can make a choice to pledge themselves to one another. It is a powerful card that makes us think about the power of true love and commitment, even when things get hard or challenging.

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