What Is a One-Hitter and How to Use It?

by Radhe Gupta
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Finding the time to stop and relax during your hectic day can be difficult. It is especially hard to stop and smoke marijuana, even when you have some. Finding portable smoking implements is crucial when you’re looking to simplify the process and enjoy your day. 

Having a one-hitter on hand can be pretty helpful when you’re constantly on the go. However, if you don’t know how to use one hitter or what it is, it’s best to know first. Here is what you should know about one-hitter. 

What Is a One-Hitter?

As the name suggests, a one-hitter is simply a pipe that enables users to take one hit of marijuana. It is compact and quite portable, making it ideal to use anywhere. When you’re looking for a nifty tool that you can carry around, there’s nothing better than a one-hitter.

Depending on where you’re buying the one-hitter from, you can find it in different shapes, designs, and materials. There are also different types of one-hitter pipes, including chillums and dugouts. 

How to Use It

It is quite simple when you’re wondering how to use a one-hitter. It works similar to a pipe, where you fill the bowl with the smoking substance. You have to be careful not to tilt the pipe since the smoking substance can fall out if you’re not watching. The one-hitters are usually a straight tube, so you have to put the other end in your mouth.

After doing so, you just have to light it up and inhale. A chillum and dugout also work similarly, although you might need another person to help you light the chillum, depending on what kind it is.  

Quality and Price

Since one-hitter pipes can be so small, you have to ensure that you pay attention to the quality. They are prone to breaking when you’re not focusing on the quality, and replacing it repeatedly can be a headache for anyone. If you’re buying a glass one-hitter, ensure that you’re buying a protective pouch or case.

When looking for an affordable one-hitter, you should know how much they can cost. Go on several online head shops to get a rough estimate of the pricing, and knowing what you should be paying can be a good start. It will ensure that you’re not overpaying for any one-hitter you plan on getting. 


You can look into getting many unique designs when you’re purchasing a one-hitter. If you are buying one for the first time, it might be ideal to get a conventional one-hitter (straight pipe) so you know how to use it and become accustomed to it. 

You can also get beautiful blown glass one-hitter pipes that are pretty durable and will be genuinely one-of-a-kind pieces for your collection. You can find many websites with in-house artisans and provide you with a range of one-hitter choices. 

Finding the Perfect One-Hitter

Finding the perfect one-hitter is simple when you know what to look for. If you’ve never used one, it would be good to watch several tutorials or videos to ensure that you know its gist.

Hence, now that you know what a one-hitter is and how to use one-hitter don’t waste your time and grab one. Ensure that you buy the perfect one-hitter for your requirements by keeping these factors in mind. 

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